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Sira H Hou, the value of text messaging to stay close, outdoor exercise is back

Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu
Sira E Hou. Do you have to like Punjabi music? Outdoor Pungra is back. Continue to exercise at home with Pungra videos and Google Meet. Chats bring people closer together than video calls. BMI gives you part of the story. Donations are on track, but still a long way to go.

What's on repeat this week?
Sira E Hou (Official Video) | Amrit Maan | Nimrat Khaira | Desi Crew | Latest Punjabi Songs 2021
Sira E Hou (Official Video) | Amrit Maan | Nimrat Khaira | Desi Crew | Latest Punjabi Songs 2021
Question for this week
Do you have to “like” Punjabi music to really benefit from exercising to Punjabi music? Bindi, Bhav and I discussed this on Telegram. Why not come over and have a listen, and then share your opinion? Join the discussion on Pungra’s Telegram Channel called Think Pungra.
Outdoor Pungra is back
Ravi Sandhu
Outdoor #pungra after a long time. We still have about 20 spaces.
On Sunday 11th April I started weekly Outdoor Pungra sessions again at Dormer’s Wells Leisure Centre, Southall. The last one, in Southall Park, was in September 2020. The law currently permits up to 30 participants. If you’re interested in joining, contact me quickly, the spaces will get taken quickly and I will not enjoy turning people away from the 31st person interested.
Cost: They’re free, but I invite you to join the Pungra Donation scheme for £3 per month.
Exercise Together using Google Meet
Watch Daljit demonstrate how to join an Exercise Together session.
Where I do my Pungra? Daljit
Where I do my Pungra? Daljit
What you need to join us
  1. Internet speed sufficient for streaming a YouTube video.
  2. A TV (or laptop) to access the YouTube.
  3. A mobile (or tablet), to connect to the video call.
  4. Google Meet installed on the mobile/tablet (from number 3).
  5. Be organised and supportive. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and this is the type of pandemic we need more of.
  6. Keep your cash, it’s free to join.
Five articles to remain a smart Pungrafier
Messenger chats bring people closer than video chat, study finds
Why You Should Stop Using Your Facebook Messenger App
BMI only tells half of the story
7 Ways To Get Fit Even If You Hate Exercise (Really)
Make sure Pungra survives, and then thrives
Others are donating... join us.
Others are donating... join us.
Help Pungra videos improve and motivate more people to exercise
We’ve been helping people around the world exercise to Punjabi music at home since 2013. The videos have improved organically and in an ad hoc manner. The YouTube channel has had more than 2 million views.
2021 is the year to decide whether to make the videos world class, or bring the whole concept to an end. You decide.
For just £3 per month your donation will:
  • ensure the video quality improves both visually and the sound.
  • help us increase the number of videos.
  • help the videos reach more people.
  • reward and recognise people for exercising with Pungra.
In return you will receive:
  • voting rights to choose which music is used in upcoming videos.
  • the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Pungra stay alive, and even thrive.
Become a donor
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Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu

We make exercise to Punjabi music videos and publish them freely on YouTube. And we facilitate video calls to motivate you to exercise at home at the same time as others. Provide your email address to stay motivated with information about new exercise videos, new songs to keep you motivated and tips for leading a healthier lifestyle.

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