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Jatt Te Jawani, moderate-intensity benefits your cells in a big way and donate to help us improve

Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu
Dilpreet Dhillon and Karan Aujla’s amazing track, how to exercise with us for free using YouTube and Google Meet, how moderate-intensity exercise benefits your cells in a big way, tips to improve your motivation to exercise and start donating to help Pungra improve.

What's on repeat this week?
Two of my favourites team up for this amazing track. Listen on repeat, warning, you’re gonna wanna move!
Jatt Te Jawani | Dilpreet Dhillon ft Karan Aujla | Sara Gurpal | Desi Crew | New Punjabi Songs 2021
Jatt Te Jawani | Dilpreet Dhillon ft Karan Aujla | Sara Gurpal | Desi Crew | New Punjabi Songs 2021
Question for this week
Can people who use music illegally to teach you to exercise, be trusted? i.e. if they don’t care about the music, but you do… how can they really care about you?
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Exercise Together using Google Meet
Watch Daljit demonstrate how to join an Exercise Together session.
Where I do my Pungra? Daljit
Where I do my Pungra? Daljit
What you need to join us
  1. Internet speed sufficient for streaming a YouTube video.
  2. A TV (or laptop) to access the YouTube.
  3. A mobile (or tablet), to connect to the video call.
  4. Google Meet installed on the mobile/tablet (from number 3).
  5. Be organised and supportive. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and this is the type of pandemic we need more of.
  6. Keep your cash, it’s free to join.
Exercise Together
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Nine Tips To Help Improve Your Motivation To Exercise
An Expert’s Guide To Getting Fit, Fast
The Six Morning Routines that Will Make You Happier, Healthier and More Productive
Mental Models: How to Train Your Brain to Think in New Ways
Make sure Pungra survives, and then thrives
Help Pungra videos improve and motivate more people to exercise
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Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu

We make exercise to Punjabi music videos and publish them freely on YouTube. And we facilitate video calls to motivate you to exercise at home at the same time as others. Provide your email address to stay motivated with information about new exercise videos, new songs to keep you motivated and tips for leading a healthier lifestyle.

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