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Creator Newsletter ✌ - Issue #8

Creator Newsletter ✌
Creator Newsletter ✌ - Issue #8
By Smart-Joseph Hopewell • Issue #8 • View online
Hey Psalm Lab Family! ✨

The Travelers Reply
Smart | Psalm Lab ✌🏾
@Bungie See the light.

August 23, 2022

A packed TWAB this week! IB + Rift 👀

Here's a teaser from me & @IriskaPlays while you wait.
Last week @DestinyTheGame posted a video on Twitter from the Witness, ally to the Darkness!
After a lot of planning and careful consideration, I reached to the extremely talented @Iriska and asked her; “what if the Traveler were to finally break its silence and speak with us?”
The above video is our response! Give a 📺 Watch, ❤️ Like, and
🔁 Retweet to show your support.
Unfamiliar with Destiny? No problem! It is a tale as old a time, one based in a Sci-Fi universe where Light and Dark, Good and Evil are at odds again. Those of you who know me well, know that I follow the seasonal narrative of Destiny the game and bring the stories and lore to life, like a living book if you will.
The Psalm Lab channel is about to kick off its second season alongside Destiny 2’s eighteenth season—It’s going to be a difficult, inspiring and hopeful tale and I hope you’ll come alone for the journey.
Work continues for the release of new videos!
Work continues for the release of new videos!
What Are Twitter Spaces?!!🎙️
Smart | Psalm Lab ✌🏾
Welcome to #SoundLab my new #TwitterSpaces show feat creative conversations w/ creative people🧵 👇🏾‍
Every Tuesday I do one thing, have conversations with creative people to help creators discover their inner greatness!🙌🏾‍
It can be difficult to be a creative living in a media driven world. That’s why I started hosting Social Audio sessions (live radio) housed natively within the Twitter app.
But don’t let me bore you with too much text, have a listen!
How Can I Support You?
Glad you asked! Together we’re building community! 🤗 It would be a lie to say I made it this far without your continuous help and support over the last 7 years! 👀
That being said, if you’d like to help me stay hydrated while I work, feel free to buy me a ginger beer 🍺 every contribution will go directly into better production for the content creation.
Whether it’s better graphics, video or audio equipment, your help enabled me to make it happen!🙌🏾‍
Thanks for your support!
Stay safe! And God speed!
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Smart-Joseph Hopewell

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