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Planet Ghostbusters - Issue #4 - Good morning! Let's try Mondays!

Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters
Just to see how people feel about it, this week the newsletter is a Monday morning summary of the week that was for Ghostbusters! And I’ll know if people like it or not - this thing has all sorts of stats for me.
👻 Ghostbusters: Afterlife has enjoyed it’s first week in Japan and I don’t know how Japan reports its box-office, but we have no idea how it’s performed there yet. But our friend Naoki and Ghostbusters Japan have been posting pictures and they take their movies seriously in Japan! They are hyping the movie with so much more than anywhere else in the world! Themed hotel rooms, special brochures, collectible tickets, and all sorts of unique merch only available in Japan.
👻 James “Angry Video Game Nerd” Rolfe has been a long-time Ghostbusters fan and he recently posted his thoughts on Afterlife. And they came with the home video release, not the theatrical release, which is a headscratcher. Perhaps after his “I refuse to review Ghostbusters 2016” review of Ghostbusters 2016 - a monetized video that has gained him followers from its 4.5M views - made him wary of another Ghostbusters film. You can go see his new video at Cinemassacre.
👻 Another homage to the original Ghostbusters RPG by West End Games - the Awfully Cheerful Engine! or ACE! - popped up on our radar, after it had a successful Kickstarter we never heard anything about. The system is basically the WEG Universal Home Much system, from what we’ve seen (still reading the PDFs we bought), but takes it to its logical conclusion, which is for players to use the system to play all sorts of movie genre, not just Ghostbusters. They clearly took note of the equipment card deck by the Ghostbusters: Resurrection crowd, offering several decks of their own. They also have an open license for people to create their own content for the game and “brand” it with a compatibility logo, which is nice, only WEG released their D6 system (a standardized version of the system as used in Ghostbusters and a couple other games), so, it seems kinda weird to revere and revive the old game, and then flat out try and wear its crown while the original is readily available online and there are a few other contenders. Or maybe it makes perfect sense, who knows. But it 100% means Proton Charging had better stop day-dreaming and decide if they’re going to take a stab at it. (LINKS BELOW)
👻 Dan Aykroyd continues to talk up his Ghostbusters in high-school idea for a TV show and Ivan still hates it. But what if I told you there was a way it could not only work, but help round out some legendary characters that aren’t that rounded?
👻 Ghostbusters: Afterlife got snubbed at the Oscars. This shouldn’t disappoint anyone, it’s not like it got draped in nominations in 1984. Academy voters are very snobbish. There’s still the BAFTA!

Awfully Cheerful Engine! A roleplaying game of action comedy!
Nerdy Show –Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub :: How To Play
We Found Over 300 of Janine's Lucky Coin!
We Found Over 300 of Janine's Lucky Coin!
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Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters

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