Planet Ghostbusters - Issue #3 - OK, THIS time I'll figure this out.





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Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters
Friday, January 28th
Ghostbusters: Afterlife continues to thrive in the International markets and approaches the arbitrary “three times budget” goal in box-office returns. Hasbro’s Phoebe / Egon figure pack is still impossible to find for some and more BTS featurettes reveal another nod to the regression of the Ecto-1A back to the Ecto-1 in Afterlife. PLUS I got some cool stuff in the mail this week!
👻 First things first: Ghostbusters: Afterlife is sitting at about $195M in box-office, worldwide. With a reported $75M budget, that means it’s just $30M shy of the common wisdom that says a movie has to make three times its budget to be considered a hit. In reality, it’s all black-box strategy that the public isn’t privy to. Given how well the movie is performing on-demand, and that it’s a pandemic market, and Japan still hasn’t seen the movie, and it hasn’t even hit subscription streaming services yet, it’s pretty safe to assume Afterlife has performed very well for Sony, no matter what the sourpusses at Forbes say.
👻 Have you seen a “The Family That Busts Together” two-figure pack of Phoebe and her Grandpa on store shelves? If you have, you’re lucky. A lot of people are still looking for it, but that Hasbro continues to ship stock, it looks like anybody that wants one will get one eventually.
👻 The debate’s over! The Ecto-1A remains canon. Behind the scenes photos show the Ecto-1A license plate on a shelf on the dirt farm. Never seen in the film, it at least hints that when the Ecto was absconded, it was still in Ecto-1A form, and then when refitted for the gunner door, a lot of the Ecto-1A trappings were removed. So, Ghostbusters 2 lovers… calm down.
👻 And get ready! Your Ghostbusters cereal is about to pass its best-before date and Ghostbusters: Afterlife is coming to physical home video next week, including Walmart exclusive boxing and the super fancy Ultimate edition box set (or the “Ultimate Until Now” edition, as I call it.)

Pretty clearly the coin seen in Afterlife, it’s still not certain it’s the same as seen in the Ghostbusters 1 deleted scene. And honestly, that’s likely impossible to confirm, so we might as well declare them the same. If you’d like one for yourself, keep an eye on Ebay, where for the moment you can snag one for around $20 plus shipping.
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Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters

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