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Planet Ghostbusters - Issue #3 (for reelz this time)

Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters
Friday, February 4th
The Ghostbusters Ultimate Collection home video set is finally out and its release was about as smooth as its announcement, Hasbro joins forces with Mego, lots and lots and lots of BTS footage for Ghostbusters: Afterlife hits the wild just as it gets a BAFTA nod for effects, and Japan FINALLY gets to see the movie!
👻 Honestly, I don’t think there’s every a perfect solution to putting out home video releases. Videophiles will nit-pick the print, fans will complain about anything and everything… you can’t please everybody. And the Ghostbusters Ultimate Collection set was already on its heels after a dust up over the omission of Answer The Call (and the inevitable dust up from everybody who felt they still hadn’t adequately informed the world how much they don’t like Answer The Call). Well, the set is out and UK fans found theirs didn’t have lights as in North America, some sets were missing or had incorrect discs (Sony however has been champs about replacing disc errors), and much to the shock of many fans, IT’S SOLD OUT! Will they make more? Currently, no word.
The Blu-Ray / 4K UHD discs for just Ghostbusters: Afterlife are fine and plentiful, as are Walmart exclusive discs (though to be fair, those are usually just the regular discs with a unique cardboard sleeve, but still, kinda neat).
👻 Mego and Hasbro are making the Boys in Grey! Hasbro Pulse announced they have partnered with Mego to produce a set of their highly articulated figures for Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon. Taller than action figures, shorter than 12" figures, but sporting cloth jump suits, they’re pretty neat. $70USD, and at the moment, it looks like US only (worldwide fans - make you a friend in the US).
👻 Cataloging all the behind the scenes footage out there is a full-time job. Which means, go to - it’s his full-time job and he’s doing it well. But, if you’re still not tempted, we’ve seen concept GB patches in triangles, lots of bringing terror dogs to life, and even how they made the Ecto-1 jump (hint: they didn’t). Crossrip Podcast co-host Troy Benjamin posted his faves, link below.
👻 Ghostbusters is up for a Special Effects BAFTA. Now… what about the Oscars?
👻 Next Friday we see how well the movie does in Japan and which will likely be the last big addition to its global box office total.

Troy Benjamin on Twitter: "Filmed a TON of great material at Arjen’s magical creature shop on Ghostbusters: Afterlife."
PelleCreepy on Twitter: "The Japanese translation of the #Ghostbusters theme song used for subtitles is absolutely KILLING me… "
Ghostbusters X Mego 4-Pack Collection – Hasbro Pulse
Carrie Coon joins the cast poster on home video covers!
Carrie Coon joins the cast poster on home video covers!
Got some collectibles in the mail!
Got some collectibles in the mail!
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Planet Ghostbusters
Planet Ghostbusters

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