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Welcome to your free preview of issue #6 of No-Code Startup Ideas. This week’s idea: Product Hunt for Crypto. 
Seems like everyone is thinking about crypto. And one of the cardinal advantages bootstrappers have over everyone else is that we can jump on trends faster. Spin up a WordPress site, message 50 people on Telegram, and boom! You have a growing, profitable business.
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What is this newsletter about?
After bootstrapping my first company (a software recruitment platform) to $20K+ per month using no-code tools, I started having way too many no-code startup ideas to ever pursue myself.
So each week, I send out a deeply researched business plan for a validated, profitable startup that you can start with no coding and very little money.
My goal: To help you start a bootstrapped business that pays $10K+ per month and lets you live the life you want.

The methodology
For each idea, we go through:
  • The opportunity
  • JTBD (Jobs to be done)
  • Why now
  • Companies that have proven the market
  • The niche
  • Pricing and revenue projections
  • How to build the no-code MVP step-by-step
  • Startup costs and time to profitability
  • Tactics to get the first 10 customers
Let’s go!
The Opportunity: Product Hunt for Crypto
Crypto is growing fast. Its market capitalization (a calculation of the total value of all coins in existence at current prices) is about $1.56 trillion as of this writing.
The 24-hour trading volume was $75.61 billion
Some say that the TAM (total addressable market) of decentralized financial applications built on blockchain technologies (DeFi) is between $10-100 trillion.
These are big numbers.
It seems clear from the number of crypto billionaires that there are massive opportunities. But hundreds of new projects launch every single day. How will you ever get noticed?
Well, there’s another side to that coin (heh).
With so much noise, there’s a need for curation. People are looking to discover high quality new projects. Why? So they can invest early, earn their billions, and retire in their lambos on the moon.
But curation sounds like a lot of work. What are you going to do, spend all day looking for new projects? Turns out this problem has been solved before.
PH is great because it crowdsources curation. It has a rabid fan base of founders constantly vying for the coveted top spots. And the PH team doesn’t even have to worry about keeping content on the site. It happens organically.
Let’s look at the history of PH’s growth: 
  • PH founder Ryan Hoover started by blogging, writing over 150 posts.
  • Then he launched Product Hunt as an email — just a list of his favorite new products. It took off.
  • Within 20 days of the first email, he had 2,000 subscribers. He was off to the races.
You can do something similar here. So forget making your own cryptocurrency. The real opportunity? Create a site that lets people post and discover crypto projects. 
JTBD (Jobs To Be Done)
What jobs will your customer “hire” this site to do? Well, there are two sides to the PH model:
  • People who come to discover projects (investors), and
  • the projects themselves (founders).
Investors want to:
  • Find the best projects and invest early
  • Make a bunch of money when those projects grow
Founders want to:
  • Get as many people as possible to buy their token. More buyers = higher token price = richer founder.
  • Find cheap marketing channels. They don’t have tens of thousands to spend on marketing, so they are looking for “hacks”.
  • Grow their project.
Why now
Crypto is high risk, high reward, and you should never take what anyone says as financial advice (including me). But many smart people believe that crypto now is like the Internet in the 90’s. Crappy experience, no one understands it, but it’s growing like crazy.
It’s still in the “wild west” phase. So there might be more opportunity now than ever.
With retail investors continuing to pile into crypto, and with the crypto exchange Coinbase now public, the world of crypto is well-positioned for continued growth.
The question is: Are you?
Companies that have proven the market
In 2018, PH made $250k in revenue and has continued to grow. Even back in 2016, PH was acquired by AngelList for $20M. Clearly if you nail the PH model it can work out handsomely.
So let’s start where we are. Where do people discover crypto projects currently?
Mostly, it’s:
CoinMarketCap and Coingecko are the closest to what we’re talking about here. They let users discover new coins, yes, but there’s no upvoting so quality is hard to spot. Plus to even get on those sites, a project has to have a certain number of investors already. So the newest launches are not there.
Sites like Coinsniper, with a voting model similar to PH, have been gaining a lot of traction. And since crypto founders are looking for as many channels as they can to grow, they will happily list on multiple sites. They need every edge they can get.
The niche
The key here is to focus on one blockchain ecosystem and go deep on it. That may change in the future, but for now each chain has its own community of investors. Here are the top ones to consider:
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Pricing and revenue
On this site you will be selling ads. You’ll price based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions). 
Here’s what incumbents charge: 
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The secret ingredient here is working hard to drive traffic. You could hit 150,000 impressions per month by Y2, which would translate to $600k/year. Wowza.
Building the no-code MVP
Let’s build the main consumer site where you would upvote, view and comment on whatever you find relatable with the goal to create community engagement. The advertiser would then use the portal to sell ads and the system would display them on the site.
Here’s your no-code stack:
  • Use a WordPress theme like UpVote to build the main site.
  • For the advertiser portal: Use the AdSanity plugin to sell ads to advertisers and display them where you want to.
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Startup costs and time to profitability
So your costs to start up are $105.50 the first month and then just $5/mo afterward.
If you’re charging $200 per thousand impressions, you could break even around 500-600 impressions.
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Tactics to get the first 10 customers
Once the site is up, go on CryptoMoonShots and make a posting on your site for all the projects you find there. Then drop the link to the posting in each project’s Telegram or Discord communities, encouraging them to upvote. Then watch it spread like wildfire!
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Now go get building! 🚀
That about does it, thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your reactions and ideas.
Please come say hello on Twitter or Discord. I’d love to hear from you! 
Looking for a cofounder to build with? @ me and we’ll find someone for you 🤝
Bonus: 3 more no-code startup ideas
And because I came across a ton of great ideas in my research, here are a few more ideas to stimulate your creativity:
  • A cryptocurrency that donates money to your favorite cause automatically
  • An SMS-based accountability service
  • A virtual assistant service
Might pick one of these for the next issue. Hmu if you have a preference!
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I bootstrapped my last company to $20K+ per month using no-code tools, and I want to help you do the same.

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