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No-Code Startup Ideas 🔮 - Issue #3 Preview: Nurse Hiring Platform

Welcome to your free preview of issue #3 of No-Code Startup Ideas. This week’s idea: A Nurse Hiring Platform.
Read on to find out why this is such a massive opportunity, how to build it with zero code, and how to get your first 10 customers.
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What is this newsletter about?
After bootstrapping my first company (a software recruitment platform) to $20K+ per month using no-code tools, I started having way too many no-code startup ideas to ever pursue myself.
So each week, I send out a deeply researched business plan for a validated, profitable startup that you can start with no coding and very little money.
My goal: To help you start a bootstrapped business that pays $10K+ per month and lets you live the life you want. 🚀

The methodology
For each idea, we go through:
  • The opportunity
  • JTBD (Jobs to be done)
  • Why now
  • Companies that have proven the market
  • The niche
  • Pricing and revenue projections
  • How to build the no-code MVP step-by-step
  • Startup costs and time to profitability
  • Tactics to get the first 10 customers
Let’s go!
The Opportunity: Nurse Hiring Platform
What are the hardest jobs for recruiters to fill? You’d probably say software developers… but it turns out nurses are equally difficult to hire.
There are fewer nurses than nursing job vacancies. Which means that helping hospitals hire nurses is a very valuable service.
This is proven by Incredible Health, a nurse-hiring startup that helps hospitals save $2M/year in HR costs (they just raised a $15M series B) by providing a “flipped job board” model.
How it works: Job-seeking nurses make profiles, then the platform shows matching profiles to hospital recruiters, who pay a fee for access.
In this issue, we’ll discuss why this is an awesome business model for a no-coder and how you can build it & get customers.
Side note: Nursing is just one angle. Turns out there are other wide-open hard-to-hire niches. For instance:
JTBD (Jobs To Be Done)
Here are the jobs that hospitals need done when they’re hiring nurses (applies to just about any hiring process):
  • Reach a pool of candidates
  • Narrow down that pool into a shortlist that are most relevant and qualified
  • Schedule interviews
  • Conduct the interviews and score the candidates
  • Select the right candidate and hire them
And nurses? They want to:
  • Find a new job without spending too much effort
  • Make more $$
  • Reduce commute time
  • Improve working conditions
Why now
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that medical professionals are the heroes.
There was a 186% spike in demand for nurses due to the pandemic, plus increases in nurse turnover and stress. Industry projections show there will be a shortage of 1 million nurses by 2024.
Nursing is a job-seeker’s market. By giving nurses a way to apply to many postings with just one profile, you’re making it easier for them to find their next job.
By helping hospitals hire more easily, you’re enabling them to put resources they would have spent hiring to better use elsewhere (to the tune of $2m/year).
Companies that have proven the market
"Let companies apply to interview you"
"Let companies apply to interview you"
Incredible Health is crushing it. Not only have they raised $17m+, but they appear to actually have customers.
Incredible Health’s model is very close to that of Hired, a hiring platform for software developers. They made a splash with their whole “let companies apply to you” thing. They raised $102+m before getting acquired last year.
Nursing staffing firms have also been very successful, which shows how dire the problem is for hospitals. These firms exist solely to help hospitals fill hard-to-hire roles by providing temporary nurses at a higher cost.
The space is so hot, there are even companies focused on helping other people start their own medical staffing companies.
As icing on the cake, the big job boards have thriving nursing sections (260k+ posts on Indeed). And there are several dedicated nursing job sites (, with “meh” experiences.
None of these companies can afford to go niche. They need to focus nationwide, targeting all nurses everywhere. That’s your opportunity.
The niche
Incredible Health's value prop is... pretty credible actually
Incredible Health's value prop is... pretty credible actually
Nurses make on average $75k/year in the US.
They typically look for jobs on job boards, filling out a new application for each new role, just like everyone else.
But because of the high demand for nurses, not enough candidates apply. This forces hospitals to go on the offensive.
There are two options for hospitals to hire new nurses: (1) pay $20-30k to a recruiting firm for each candidate hired, or (2) pay $300 per post to job boards and do all the recruiting work internally (also expensive).
Then if there are delays in the process, the hospital will need to pay steep fees for temp and travel nurses to fill staffing gaps.
All told, this can result in costs to the tune of $2m+/year. Here’s why this number is realistic.
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Pricing and revenue
We’re going to break this out into two phases. In phase 1, you’ll build a traditional job board. In phase 2, you’ll build a true hiring platform where candidates can create a profile once and apply everywhere.
In phase 1, you’ll price at or below the other job boards.
In phase 2, you could imagine showing a list of candidates to the hospital recruiter as soon as they post their job. Talk about an “aha” moment.
Phase 2 will let you charge up to $10-20k/year or more if you can get hospitals to run much of their recruiting through you.
Phase 1: Traditional job board
With a traditional job board, candidates have to submit an application to each job separately. The candidate does the work of choosing which jobs to apply to, and the recruiter does the work of vetting the candidates.
Phase 2: Hiring platform
The Hired-like model is different from a job board in one main way: You let candidates create a single profile and re-use it for multiple job posts.
You might then also show filtered candidates to recruiters, saving them some work. Because you’re doing more of the work, you can charge more $$.
Here’s what your revenue looks like:
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The upside?
The key will be reaching nurses and delivering great candidates, which we discuss below. If you can deliver, I think it’s pretty realistic to hit $100k revenue in the first year and $1m revenue within the first 2-3 years.
One thing is clear: If you can deliver great nurses, hospital recruiters will pay for them. Now the question is how.
Building the no-code MVP: Overview
For phase 1, you’ll need a fairly simple job board site. Luckily, there are a few straightforward ways to make one without coding:
  • Google Sheets + Sheet2Site ($49/mo).
  • Webflow ($12/mo), Airtable ($24/mo) + Zapier ($49/mo).
  • And several more. (Scroll down to see the step-by-step tutorials.)
For phase 2, you’ll want something that lets nurses create and save profiles. It should also let recruiters see candidates when they submit a post.
There’s a chance you could use Webflow with Memberful ($25/mo) or Outseta ($29/mo) for this, but you may need to use Bubble ($29/mo) to really get it to work right.
Scroll down for more detail on how to build it.
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Startup costs and time to profitability
Let’s say you go with Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier, the most expensive stack at $97 for month 1 (including the $12/yr domain) and $85/mo thereafter.
And profitability? At $150 (or even $100) per job post, you just need to land one customer per month to break even.
Time to profitability
The main unknown here is how quickly you can get enough nurses in your audience to make it attractive for a recruiter to pay you. How many nurses would you need on your email list to make that first sale?
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Building the no-code MVP: In detail
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Tactics to get the first 10 customers
Nurse Blake has 777k followers on Instagram
Nurse Blake has 777k followers on Instagram
To get your first 10 paying customers, you’ll need to get a lot of nurses to sign up first. Let’s use our math from earlier.
With these numbers, I’m confident you could get your first 10 customers within the first 3 months.
So how do you get nurses to sign up? We’ll focus on three methods:
  1. Social networks
  2. SEO
  3. Influencers
Step zero, of course, is making sure that your site is populated with interesting jobs by the time these nurses show up.
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Getting those paid customers
Now that your list has hundreds of nurses on it, it’s time to go get some paid customers. You’ll target hiring managers and recruiters. Here’s how:
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Now go get building! 🚀
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Bonus: 3 more no-code startup ideas
And because I came across a ton of great ideas in my research, here are a few more ideas to stimulate your creativity:
  • A freelance gig marketplace for blockchain & crypto
  • A community for expats
  • An app that lets anyone publish bite-sized, mobile-optimized courses
Might pick one of these for the next issue. Hmu if you have a preference!
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