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This week’s no-code startup idea is a marketplace for self-storage space in people’s homes.
And it is the perfect combination for a no-code bootstrapper: Unsexy industry, easy-to-build digital product, cheap start, local network effect, and great profitability.
All this means that you have the advantage, and if you can put in the elbow grease needed to get the network started, you can build a really solid business.
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What is this newsletter about?
In each issue, I send out a deeply researched business plan for a validated, profitable startup that you can start with no coding and very little money. See past issues here.

The methodology
For each idea, we go through:
  • The opportunity
  • JTBD (Jobs to be done)
  • Why now
  • Pricing and revenue projections
  • How to build the no-code MVP
  • Startup costs and time to profitability
  • Tactics to get the first 10 customers
  • Bonus: 3 more no-code startup ideas
Let’s go!
The Opportunity: Airbnb for Self-Storage
Self-storage. Not a sexy industry, like NFTs or influencers or whatever.
But there’s lots of money in it. Neighbor raised $53 million this year, after raising $10 million last year, to build a marketplace for it.
That’s whose lunch you’re going to eat by building it yourself with no code.
For an industry worth $40B+, self-storage is sure under the radar. Incumbents are companies like Public Storage (worth $56B), which makes customers trek to out-of-the-way locations to keep their stuff in nightmarishly bleak storage centers.
Why not let people rent out space in their homes for others to store stuff? And wouldn’t you like to securely store things right down the street, instead of an hour away?
According to Neighbor, some hosts are making $50k+ per year renting on the platform, almost completely passively.
On your platform, you’ll take a cut of that revenue. All you have to do is get your neighborhood on board with your app (which you’ll create within a day).
Disclaimer: If you live in a place where Neighbor already has a big presence, this idea is going to be almost impossible for you. Sorry :/
However, there’s good news. Neighbor is still not everywhere - and they are nonexistent outside the US.
The business relies on local network effects. Customers will use the platform with the most supply near them, all things being equal.
This is your opening. If you can onboard enough supply in your local area, you’ll already have a serious moat.
And in a pandemic, this is one of the only ways to still make money from real estate. Think of all the office buildings sitting empty. Closed-down showrooms and retail stores. Heck, all the garages and basements. You’ll be letting people make passive income on these dormant assets.
JTBD (Jobs To Be Done)
First and foremost, what’s the “job to be done” here?
For consumers, it’s:
  • Storing their stuff safely, without spending too much
  • Storing it somewhere convenient
For property owners, it’s:
  • Making more money from the space they own
  • Without having to work too hard for it
Why now
Commercial real estate took a huge hit during the pandemic. Offices closed down as companies let leases expire. Retail stores closed as companies shifted to ecommerce.
That’s a lot of space sitting empty, and a huge pain in the balance sheet for property owners.
On the other hand, you have homeowners who may have lost a job or cut their hours. Or who feel the need for a nice cushion of savings more than ever.
They’re looking at their dingy garage and thinking, “can I put this on Airbnb?” (No, it’s way easier to just use your platform!)
Pricing and revenue
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Building the no-code MVP
This build should take you no more than a day to get running. You’ll be using the easiest-to-use tools available, and connecting them all to create a seriously professional user experience.
Your site will be built on Softr, which has an “Airbnb for X” template you can take off the shelf.
Your database of listings will be on Airtable, which syncs seamlessly to Softr.
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Startup costs and time to profitability
Here’s what you have to pay to get started:
  • Domain: $20/year
  • Softr: Professional plan, $65/mo
  • Airtable: Free, maybe $12/mo at some point
  • Stripe: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
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Tactics to get the first 10 customers
All brand-new marketplaces face a chicken-and-egg problem. Most solve it by onboarding supply first (or faking supply), then onboarding demand.
In our case, supply = storage space, and demand = people who want to store their stuff.
The ideal “cold start” is if you have extra space that you can rent out as storage on the platform. Once you find a customer, you’ve proved the model.
Then you can go around pitching your friends & neighbors to sign up as hosts. Look for empty office or retail space, or friends who you know have an extra shed they’re not using. Make a list.
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Now go get building! 🚀
There are a lot of questions still to answer, but in this case you don’t have to reinvent the wheel - so there’s nothing stopping you from getting started today.
Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your reactions and ideas.
And please come say hello on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you! 
Looking for a cofounder to build with? @ me and we’ll find someone for you.
Bonus: 3 more no-code startup ideas
And because I came across a ton of great ideas in my research, here are a few more ideas to stimulate your creativity:
  • Site that lets renters see reviews of apartments they’re thinking of moving into
  • Internship marketplace
  • Seed & plant exchange site
Might pick one of these for the next issue. Hmu if you have a preference!
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