Digital Product Digest - Issue #1

Bonjour from Montréal!Welcome to the first edition of Digital Product Digest. Every Saturday I will c

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October 31 · Issue #1 · View online
Curated content about Product Management and Marketing. From idea validation to achieving product/market fit.

Bonjour from Montréal!
Welcome to the first edition of Digital Product Digest. Every Saturday I will curate the top content and share my discoveries with other digital product and startup enthusiasts. 
I hope you enjoy this and let’s stay in touch.

Make Body Language Your Superpower | YouTube
Fireside Chat with Travis Kalanick and Marc Benioff | YouTube
How Y Combinator Helped 172 Startups Take Off - With Paul Graham | Mixergy
Brady Forrest & Dave McClure: "Bazillion Dollar Club" | Talks at Google - YouTube
APIs Are The New FTEs | TechCrunch
Facebook Messenger: inside Mark Zuckerberg's app for everything | Wired UK
AWS in Plain English | Expeditedssl
Hunter Walk LIVE Chat | Product Hunt
The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice | Tim Ferriss
Peter Diamandis on lessons learned from Bezos, Musk | Product Hunt Maker Stories
To Be Continuous: The Fear of Shipping | DevOps
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Kinetise | Mobile Apps Creator
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