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🕹what is the best price for

George from
George from
Hey, I wanted to ask for a small favour!
Can you please lend me 1 minute of your time to respond to 4 questions?
(I’m running the same poll on the site.)
I am also open to hearing about your stories of success/failure using
I am happy to pay for a 30-minute conversation, especially if you’re in the US, New Zealand or Australia (just due to time zone difficulties scheduling - I love all y’all equally!)
Reply to this email & we’ll set it up 🕹
New additions
  • Bayesian Analysis of Market Experiments - a helpful tool to support your experimentation process.
  • North Star Metric - a workshop in Miro that helps your team align on the key metrics & levers for your product.
  • Mousetrap Framework - a way to unveil and structure your product thinking with respect to a goal. A good companion to the North Star Metric framework above.
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George from
George from @prodmgmtXworld

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