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George from
Hey, this is a slightly pitch-y email. Sorry about that, and the clickbait-y headline!
As we mature, we realise that the simple advice in life is not as simple in practice.
We know to “validate our ideas & experiment”. But when it comes to actually doing it, we realise that it’s not just a matter of slapping together a landing page. (Even that alone can cause us to spiral into weeks of “tinkering”.)
I’ve been told that I am too “solution-oriented” sometimes. That I “jump to solutions”. That may be so, thought I jump into solutions with the full expectation (and plan) that it won’t work out exactly as I expect.
But beware of becoming the navel-gazing philosopher who seeks completeness in the loop of life. You don’t get points for that.
“Real mathematicians understand completeness, real philosophers understand incompleteness, the rest don’t formally understand anything.” - The Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The point is: I do jump.
I don’t jump without a parachute though.
And you shouldn’t either.
One day, I would like you to be able to work through a set of hypotheses for whatever it is you want to make, fast.
Without just clicking through links, no matter how good they are at telling you what to do.
I realise that it’s a tall order.
Situations, tools, budgets, competencies vary.
Even the pros make mistakes.
But I’m betting that it can be done better than now, and not through a course or a consulting gig or a workshop.
In order to get there, the platform will need to evolve.
And these are the stepping stones.
In the last few weeks, I’ve been tinkering with
I used a quick, cheap way to put up a paywall around the product. I hit my goal of 1 sale.
Then I asked you to help me set pricing, and some of you did (thank you). Adjusting the pricing helped validate it further, with more sales. The price was lower, but sales velocity & total revenue improved. It also generated further feedback.
I’m working on the next iteration:
A re-launch on Product Hunt, tiered subscription pricing & a 7-day free trial.
  • Product Hunt has helped launch this product, so it’s only right to relaunch it there.
  • Subscription pricing is best aligned with the goal of continuous value generation. If the product sucks, you’ll churn.
  • A free trial will help evaluate the product for those who are new to it.
So come along.
If you are a customer - thank you for your support! You know who you are! 😍
If you’re not a customer yet, consider becoming one!
If you’re not ready yet, consider with your peers.
And if this message misses the mark for you, consider unsubscribing from this newsletter.
The product will be around, so when your needs change, you’ll be most welcome back!
Until next time, take care.
— P.S.
I’m offering a 1-year subscription for free to the person who guesses (as closely as possible) the number of signups I’ll get from the Product Hunt launch (total during the first 30 days after the launch, regardless of pricing tier or churn).
Let me know your prediction by replying to this email between Sep 30th, 2021 and Oct 3rd, 2021. The winner will be announced on Nov 7th, 2021.
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George from
George from @prodmgmtXworld

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