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George from
George from
Hello, it’s George from 🕹
It’s April 2021. A full 27.12% of 2021 is behind us.
I hope you’re doing well. This update helps you make progress in your journey at work in product, with your side-hustle or startup.
Playing in the vast problem space
In my work today, I do a lot of the early heavy lifting of problem discovery, earning my stripes as a future Senior PM (while learning how to do this better for my own projects, on someone else’s dime 😅).
This work is not easy. Constrained in resources & with only a tiny thread linking to the current business & the space it plays in, I am forced to consider many problems & market segments. Building confidence to prioritise them well takes effort.
So since last month, the library was expanded by 3 new additions that help with Discovery of Value:
  • Find The Watering Hole: I love interviewing people, but where do you find the right people to talk to? Where do your potential customers hang out? This technique adds a few ideas on how to approach this.
  • Five People Who Are In: As Laura Klein says in “UX for Lean Startups”, once you picked your market, if you can’t find 5 people in it, the market’s either too small, too niche or you’re not trying hard enough. Use your audience or “find a watering hole” to start. A good tip is to pair this with another experiment for Viability by asking people to commit funds early on.
  • Conjoint Analysis: This is for the data geeks. It isn’t so easy to do, which is why I point you to a tool that can help you do it. You can read more about the method on Wikipedia; it’s solid, but has it’s drawbacks. Use it after you’ve done the initial discovery via interviews to narrow down the problem space.

    Prioritising the problem space
    In the next few weeks, I’ll be taking the Opportunity Mapping courseby Teresa Torres. I’ll be sharing my insights on Twitter, so make sure you follow me.
    One of the frameworks you can find on is the Thoughtful Execution Framework, which Spotify learned from Teresa.
    I’ve been building opportunity solution trees in Miro for the past 6 months, but I need to dive in deep to see what else I could be doing to amplify my work. So the insights will be for the practitioner.
    That’s it.
    Til next time!
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George from
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