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Palma de Christos - Issue #12

Palma de Christos - Issue #12
Amazing Palma de Christos we know as Castor Oil
CASTOR OIL: Is A powerful healing oil.
Purchase organic preferably stored in a glass bottle.
”Avoid these mistakes when using castor oil.“
This is a method to use Castor oil as. “COMPRESS OR PACK” when using this method it will pull out toxins from the skin, and in the case of old scars, pulling old material out of the body allows a healing process to start. IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE 
100% pure soap and warm water to remove the toxins when you are finished with the compress.
Some people get a rash when they don’t wash the skin carefully, due to the toxins being eliminated.
They often think they are allergic to the oil, or the material used to make the compress. But what actually happened is when they pulled the toxins out, they deposited them on the surface of the skin and caused a skin irritation. If you don’t wash it off, you will probably re-absorb it. Amazing to think this oil using the skin (a big organ of eliminations) can start to eliminate toxins out then if not cleaned back in. 
Castor oil has certain properties that other oils don’t. It has a very high viscosity and a specific gravity that make it more stable than other oils. Most oils tend to go rancid after a while. Castor oil remains stable for long periods. I’ve tried many but found that nothing really has the same exciting physiological effects.
Castor oil may be affecting some energy fields of the body. For example, we know the body is an electrical field. What the EKG measures is the electricity. It shouldn’t be a big stretch of the imagination to say, "gee there are other force fields. We know there are. We know that every electrical field contains an associated magnetic field, but we don’t have a machine to measure it around the body.”
There may be so many other effects that we can’t talk about yet simply because we don’t have the equipment or the machinery or the subtlety to be able to measure them. The way I get feedback is by listening to what my patients are telling me they are experiencing. Some patients have reported that when they use it before bedtime, it seems to facilitate sleep. People will crash right out after using the castor oil packs. I have been using this as a pain killer, and inflammation reducer for years, with amazing results.
The “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce often suggested castor oil packs for various aches and pains, and I remembered having read of this remedy’s effectiveness in cases of sciatica.
One client with a painful back soaked a towel in the oil and wrapped it around the lower back, it helped reduce pain, and allowed a good nights sleep. I recommend nightly for a few weeks for most cases. 
A cloth of wool or cotton flannel is folded in several layers, then saturated with warm castor oil, and placed on the affected area. You can then place a towel on top of this. 
A heating pad or hot water bottle to add the prescribed warmth to the pack is placed on top. The idea is that heat allows the oil to penetrate the skin and work its way deep into the tissues. 
A towel is again put onto the heating pad.
(To avoid getting oil on sheets you can use cling wrap onto the compress) then add the towel, then the heating pad, then another towel.
I have used this for liver ailments, breast pain, cramping stomach, any area of pain, this is the best solutions as an external application.
This oil has a beautiful ancient name “The Palma Christi”
Castor oil is extracted from the seed of the castor oil plant, whose botanical name is ricinus communis. 
While it was Cayce who brought castor oil packs to fame in the 20th century, the oil has a long and varied history of use as a healing agent in folk medicine around the world. According to a research report in a recent issue of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, castor bean seeds, believed to be 4,000 years old, have been found in Egyptian tombs, and historical records reveal the medicinal use of castor oil in Egypt (for eye irritations), India, China (for induction of childbirth and expulsion of the placenta), Persia (for epilepsy), Africa, Greece, Rome, Southern Europe, and the Americas. In ancient Rome, the castor oil plant was known as Palma Christi, which translates into hand of Christ. This name is still sometimes used today.
A book about the Vermont style of folk medicine by D.C. Jarvis published in 1958 lists numerous conditions which respond well to the topical application of castor oil, including irritation of the conjunctiva of the eye; to promote healing of the umbilicus in a newborn; and to increase milk flow in lactating women when applied to the breasts. As a nursing mom, I can attest to the effectiveness of castor oil applied to sore, irritated, or inflamed nipples. It works faster than any commercial salve, and I don’t have to worry about washing it off before the next nursing. Any trace of the oil that my son may get in his mouth is definitely not going to harm him!
Castor oil packs can be gently used in a clinical setting for numerous conditions, including liver and gall bladder disturbances, abscesses, headaches, appendicitis, epilepsy, haemorrhoids, constipation, intestinal obstructions, hyperactivity in children, and to avert threatened abortions in pregnant women.
Adhesions are basically scars that act like a stitch under the skin. The epidermis, dermis, and connective tissue that overlie the muscle tissue are designed to slide over each other. However, after the surgical knife slices through all those layers, the white blood cells go in and do their “clean-up” job-inadvertently forming adhesions. The adhesions hold the layers together instead of letting them slide freely, one on top of the other.
Adhesions are extremely common after any injury to the skin, but especially a deliberate injury with a knife.
There is a case of a person who had an operation for an intestinal obstruction. It was life threatening, and the surgery saved him -but, then he developed adhesions from the surgery. Those adhesions created a stricture in the intestines creating a different circulatory pattern which caused a second obstruction. The surgeon had to go in and do a second surgery.
Castor oil applied as a pack to the surgical area, would have helped ease those adhesions away preventing further surgery.
Castor oil packs help relieve the damage done, both internally and externally?
“After surgery, castor oil packs can help prevent internal scarring that would otherwise cut off the blood supply to our vital organs.” It will shorten the recovery time. It can also reduce or eliminate the scars resulting from surgery. And if you get a castor oil pack over the incision soon after surgery, you will prevent adhesions.
Castor Oil Pack Instructions (also noted above)
Prepare a flannel cloth which is two or three thicknesses when folded and which measures about eight inches in width and ten to twelve inches in length after it is folded. 
This is the size needed for abdominal application - other areas may need a different size pack, as seems applicable. 
Pour castor oil into a pan and warm over boiling water, and then soak the cloth in the oil.
Wring out the cloth so that it is wet but not drippy with the castor oil (or simply pour castor oil onto the pack so it is soaked). Apply the cloth to the area which needs treatment. Most often, the pack should be placed so it covers the area needed.
Protection against soiling bed clothing can be made by putting a sheet or towel underneath the body. Then a plastic covering should be applied over the soaked flannel cloth. On top of the plastic, place a heating pad and turn it up to "medium” to begin, then to “high” if the body tolerates it. It helps to wrap a large towel around the body to hold the pack snugly in place, using large safety pins on the towel. The pack should remain in place between an hour to an hour and a half.
The skin can be cleansed afterwards, if desired, by using water which is prepared as follows: to a litre of water, add two teaspoons of baking soda (from a health shop). Use this to cleanse the abdomen. Keep the flannel pack wrapped in a sealed container for future use. It need not be discarded after one application, but can usually be used many times.
“Almost any pain in the body can be safely and quickly relieved with a castor oil pack.”
Castor oil pack’s healing abilities is not limited to the abdominal region it can be applied in just about any case-to any visceral area or extremity. It can be used for someone passing a kidney stone, in case of indigestion, ulceration, and headaches. And of course, the castor oil pack is doing a lot more than just healing the pain. It is also fine to use when a woman is pregnant to help pain anywhere.
Send me feedback when you start to use this.


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