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PPLSKILL #9 Time Management ⏰

PPLSKILL #9 Time Management ⏰
By Vahid A.Nezhad • Issue #10 • View online
Time management allows us to prioritize our tasks to make sure we have enough time to complete each project. Good time management leads to increased efficiency and productivity, less stress, and more success in life. let’s see how to deal with it.

📖 Time Management is Pain Management
As is the case with all human behavior, distraction is just another way our brains attempt to deal with pain. If we accept this fact, it makes sense that the only way to handle distraction is by learning to handle discomfort.
We’re wired this way for a simple reason. As a study published in the Review of General Psychology notes, “If satisfaction and pleasure were permanent, there might be little incentive to continue seeking further benefits or advances.
Evolution favored dissatisfaction over contentment. Our tendencies toward boredom, negativity bias, rumination, and hedonic adaptation conspire to make sure we’re never satisfied for long.
Dissatisfaction is responsible for our species’ advancements as much as its faults. It is an innate power that can be channeled to help us make things better.
If we want to master distraction, we must learn to deal with discomfort.
📝 Article
Time Management Skills - 5 skills that the most productive people master
Time Management Skills - 5 skills that the most productive people master
1. Planning: It’s very hard to manage your day or week if you don’t have a good plan of which tasks should get completed. The best way to develop planning skills is to consistently use a calendar tool, such as Google calendar. PPLSKILL #6 Calendar Tip 📆
2. Decision making and prioritization: The Eisenhower matrix is probably the best start for learning prioritization. The matrix recommends arranging tasks in one of the four quadrants:
  • Urgent + Important (Do)
  • Urgent + Not Important(Delegate)
  • Not Urgent + Important (Put it in your calendar)
  • Not Important + Not Urgent(Delete)
‍3. Setting boundaries and saying no: You can also help yourself with some templates for emails with respectfully declines of collaboration or you can prepare a few good rejections or excuses in advance.
‍4. Delegating and outsourcing tasks: Assess every task according to how easy or hard it is to delegate it. Follow criteria such as: task complexity, potential executants, price, time sensitivity etc. Then start with the easiest task to delegate.
‍5. Building a system and diligently following it: The goal is to create a system by combining the many time management techniques and constantly improving it. That involves experimenting with different techniques, exploring which best suit you, and then combining them in a meaningful way.
🍿 Video
How I Manage My Time - 10 Time Management Tips
How I Manage My Time - 10 Time Management Tips
  1. We own all of our time
  2. Hell Yeah or No: A book by Derek Sivers that helps us think about what is worth doing.
  3. The daily highlight: The only thing you need to get done in a day.
  4. Use a to-do list: Make a list of your tasks.
  5. Time blocking: Put block on your calendar for what you’re doing.
  6. Parkinson’s Law: Works expand to the time that we allocated to it.
  7. Protected time: Make sure you give yourself some time.
  8. Delegation: Do you know the dollar value of your time? Is it possible to appoint staff that cost less than that amount?
  9. Automated scheduling: There are lots of tools out there that can help you schedule things directly with others like calendly.
  10. The choice to be satisfied: Appreciate yourself for what you have done at the end of day.
🔬 Data
Time Management Statistics & Facts (New 2021 Research)
Time Management Statistics & Facts (New 2021 Research)
  • 33% use a to-do list to manage their time and tasks.
  • 25% just deal with whatever seems most important at the time.
  • 24% use their email inbox as their time and task management system.
  • 18% have a dedicated time management system.
  • 12% schedule all of their tasks in their diary in advance.
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Before Breakfast - Track time, make time
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