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There's a modern gangster in you 😵🔫

There's a modern gangster in you 😵🔫
By Pieter-Pleun Korevaar • Issue #4 • View online
G'day, ever seen Peaky Blinders? Great series about a gangster family set in 1919 near London. Kinda like Boardwalk Empire, if you ever seen it. Anyhoo, don’t you just love how these gangsters used to dress. Proper men. This inspired me to do an issue in their honour. 

This issue begs for a classy dame. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about Carmella that makes it impossible to turn your eyes away. Those curves….more on Instagram @melwitharosee
That’s it lads. 
Reminder: It’s almost Valentines Day. Don’t be a dick. Buy your woman something nice. 
Ps. I often use ASOS as a source for my newsletter. It just that I like the broad range of their products, their prices and they ship globally. 
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