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Startup Digest Portugal - Future of Work - Week #35

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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted labor markets globally during the last 2 years. Pandemic accelerated existing trends, mainly in remote work, e-commerce, and automation. Before COVID-19, the largest disruptions to work involved new technologies. COVID-19 has, for the first time, elevated the importance of the physical dimension of work. A compressed work schedule is emerging as new trend in this post pandemic (I hope) era. Fintech startup unicorn Bolt is closing on Fridays for three months (Customer-facing teams are the exception). If it makes workers more productive and happier, it will make the policy permanent. Other companies that have experimented with 4 days workweeks have found that it actually increases productivity, even as employees work fewer hours. Unsurprisingly, job satisfaction also tends to increase, and stress levels decline. In Japan, where Microsoft piloted a 4 day week, saw productivity increase by 40%, the government is now beginning to push companies to adopt the policy. Iceland has made recent headlines by declaring the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector a resounding success.
Seems that companies aren’t losing out on their bottom line, and they have happier, healthier and better workers.
The modern weekend is only about a century old. This new experiments can create new standards like a 3 day weekend. We’re all creatures of habit and we are used to 5 day workweek as the norm; the challenge is get this “conscious” business culture" as Bolt call it, working just right.
Week highlights go to:
👉 João Vasconcelos Award - Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 selected this Thursday
👉 From Start-to-Table closing soon
👉 OVHcloud Pitch Contest deadline next Thusrday
👉 Farfecth Valley project was presented
👉 Web Summit open developers tickets
EUREKA InvestHorizon has 100 FREE spaces for startups at the Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH). To learn more about it, I invite you to attend Eureka webinar on Oct 7 (@ ‘Plan Your Week’).
Don’t forget to give a look at the ‘Local & International Deadlines’ section to be sure to catch all the right opportunities for your startup.
Please let me know if you have events to suggest or a deadline to announce.
Enjoy the reading and the events for this week and beyond & go do great stuff!! 

Quote of the Day
We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into the manner and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Congrats ✌
JScrambler raises 13M
✌ Worten acquires Zaask
DocDigitizer raises 0,8M
✌ All João Vasconcelos Awards finalists: Christopher Barnes and Jeferson Valadares (Doppio); Hugo Venâncio (REATIA); Joana Rafael, Nuno Moutinho, Paulo Carreira and Vasco Portugal (Sensei); Marta Palmeiro (StudentFinance); Miguel Santo Amaro (Coverflex) & Philip Källberg (Shake)
Reads/Podcasts/Videos 📖 🎧 🎬
📖 How to evaluate startup ideas by kevin hales (ycombinator)
📖 Making the Product Experience Better With Sales-Assisted User Onboarding
📖 European Investment Fund Report on the impact of COVID on European venture capital
📖 If you’re fundraising, check out these 33 questions that investors asks from Miruna @ Syndicate Room.
📖 Great analysis by Michael Jackson about VC world. “It’s no longer venture capital; it’s a venture corporation” 
📖 Anyone can be a banker these days, you just need the right code
📖 Are we still too early to Crypto?
🎧  talk with Kirsty Grant, Chief Investment Officer at Seedrs all about funding, investors and the future for Seedrs
🎬 Bitalk with TIM VIEIRA “the optimist shark”
🎬 We are creatures of habit | David Michael | TEDxYouth@ASF
Local & International Applications Deadlines ⏳
Deadlines coming up soon:
🔜  1st Esade Alumni–Tez Tour Travel Tech and Hospitality Challenge is looking for projects that feature an innovative product or service or a well-described prototype proposal with a market feasibility plan. Application deadline Sep 30
🔜  BIT - BEST IT hackathon Apply until Sep 30
🔜  Future Female Founders. Apply until Sep 30
🔜 Are you looking to win international visibility and many prizes including 10.000€, VC coaching, social media campaigns etc… ? OVHcloud Pitch Contest is ready to be blown away by your pitch. Apply until Sep 30
🔜 From Start-to-table applications are open for projects that fall into two categories: Restaurant Technology and Responsible Restaurants and F&B Products. Apply until Oct 3
🔜 Small But Perfect. It is seeking SME-led transnational projects whose objective is to develop, replicate or scale a product or service in a circular and sustainable fashion. Apply here until Oct 3
and not so soon:
📌 DIGITAL360 is looking for companies, startups and scaleups that can provide smart solutions, technologies, and products in the Content and Marketing Technology fields. Apply until Oct 24
📌 The Global Water Challenge - GoHub is looking for startups with disruptive deep tech solutions that can help them make decisions that anticipate the big problems. Up to 3M€ investment for top startups with solutions to water problems. Until Oct 31
📌 Call Açores by Portugal Ventures for pre-seed and seed startups on the following verticals: Tourism (Touristic Activities, Travel & Leisure Tech); Life Sciences (Therapeutics, Med Tech, Diagnostics); Tech (Software, Cloud & IT, Enterprise and SaaS, Mobile, E-marketplaces); Others (i.e. Aeroespacial, Energy, AgroIndustrial). Apply until Nov 29
📌 +PLUS by Santa Casa. Impact Fund. Apply until Nov 30
📌 AccelerateHer is a female-focused career mentorship accelerator that aims to equip young aspiring executives with the necessary tools and experience to broaden their knowledge and reach in the industry and play a more active role in shaping the future of the financial landscape. Apply here
📌 Ford MakeItDriveable Virtual Challenge is a unique opportunity to engage directly with Ford and to potentially fast track your idea to market. Have a product that helps to improve the driver experience for commercial or passenger vehicles? Don’t miss your chance
📌 Newchip Accelerator has helped over 1K startups build, scale, and succeed – collectively raising $150 million. Your biz could be next: Apply to join here
📌 Building a Community and need help to grow? The Product Folks got your back with everything you need, with mentorship, funding and everything else. Apply here.
📌 LeadershIP4SMEs 1st call for applications to select 15 start-up and 15 SMEs looking for support to valorize their intellectual property rights allowing innovative SMEs and start-ups to efficiently leverage their IP assets to enhance access to funding and stimulate hyper growth. Apply here
📌 Lisboa’s Growth Program by MadeOfLisboa. +500K in benefits for entrepreneurs! Apply here
📌 CTT 1520 Startup Program. Apply here
📌 Attention late seed and Series A founders! @playfaircapital is sponsoring up to 3 diversity applications to TheEuropas by covering your entry fee. Apply here
📌 EU to launch a new support scheme for women in deep tech and call for mentors to support women leading #DeepTech start-ups in Europe & help grow their companies into tomorrow’s deep tech champions. #WomenTechEU is funded under #HorizonEurope
📌 Pearson College London, part of Pearson, an FTSE 100 and global education company, is inviting early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to apply for their annual incubator programme.
Please submit your event as early as possible so that we can communicate timely
Plan your week 📅
Design Matters 21 - New Movements in Digital Design
European Biotech Week: 27 Sep - 03 Oct
#3 Introduction to Golang Interfaces and Dependency Inversion Principle
How to find good startup ideas and avoid the stupid ones
Online Startup Idea Fest: Build and Share Ideas with Potential Customers
Digitize your career
Workplace 2.0: Tech Tests - do they really work? - Crowdcast
Learn the Basics of Python Programming from an Industry Expert📊
Masterclass: Bringing ideas to life - Getting started with Sketch Oct 05
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