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Pop Loser No. 99: The One That Comes Before 100


Pop Loser

February 9 · Issue #99 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

Way back when I worked at a big fancy agency, I ran a “lunch and learn” session that highlighted new or obscure web tools and networks people should be using (I think I called it “Web Tools.0”). Number one on my list was a brand new thing called Instapaper. A decade later, it’s still my most-used service/app/website/whatever. 
Wired was probably the first or second magazine I subscribed to. I let that subscription lapse during a cull on paper being sent to my house a few years ago and when, frankly, the magazine was in a bit of a lull. But when reading about the 25th anniversary, I realized Wired is probably doing its best work ever right now. And they added a paywall. So I guess I subscribe again.  
Anyway, I like when good things get old and are still good things. 

How Youtube's Algorithm Distorts Truth
It's Time for a Serious Talk About the Science of Tech "Addiction"
Tyler Hellard
Downsized from an iPhone 6 Plus to an iPhone 8 regular size and now my penis looks huge.
Pornhub Is Banning AI-Generated Fake Porn Videos, Says They're Nonconsensual
What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn
A Netflix Movie Doesn’t Need To Be Good
What I Learned from Watching My iPad’s Slow Death
Defining Canada by the language of Silicon Valley
How Facebook Is Killing Comedy
Donkey Kong Scoreboard Strips Billy Mitchell’s High Score Claims
Planes Don’t Flap Their Wings Does Ai Work like a Brain
Why Paper Jams Persist
Instravel - A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience on Vimeo
👀 Westworld season 2 trailer
📚 The 50 best 1-star reviews for Ulysses
📸 Igor Lipchangskiy’s Instagram album cover shots
👃 A history of Smell-O-Vision
📰 The Atlantic is killing comments
🎧 WinAmp in your browser
📺 They are adapting Rabbit, Run and WarGames for TV
🕵️‍♂️ New evidence in the search for Amelia Earhart
😜 The Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
⚱️ John Perry Barlow died
When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office
Quincy Jones, In Conversation
The Philosophy of the Midlife Crisis
The Cost of Being ‘Savage’ in a Supposedly Civilized World
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