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Pop Loser No. 106


Pop Loser

May 4 · Issue #106 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

I’m never happier about being married than when I watch people try and date in 2018. Tinder looks terrible! People seem awful! Fucking catfishing‽ (Side note: After a few drunken conversations with my neighbour, who coincidentally worked with me at iStock, I wrote a treatment for an animated web series based around the idea of buying stock lives for online use. We never did anything with it, but Life Faker uses the same basic premise as their gag and now I wish we had.) 
Now Facebook wants to get you hooked up (or “paired off” if you’re an idiot—another aside, this is a good thread and entirely unrelated to the Facebook thing… but Ross is a dummy and I’ve enjoyed watching him get dragged), which is a terrible idea. Also, it’s a strange ask from them on the heels of recent privacy revelations. “Sure, we fucked some stuff up, but now you should absolutely trust us with your sex life!” 
At the same time, everyone is on Facebook. If you’re looking for a someone, going where all the potential someones are isn’t the worst strategy. You know how we all agree Facebook is pretty bad and we still use it because family or friends or groups or you’re trying to sell a book? Same thing. It’s shocking what we’ll give up for convenience. 
But I am married. And happily. So this is all somebody else’s problem. Good luck with that! 
Housekeeping: Not a lot happening this week. Sorry. Final (I hope!) round of book edits and a thing due (actually overdue) for This

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☠️ Did Thanos kill you? (I died.) 
🧔 Hilariously disturbing photos of bearded men looking straight up. 
🖼 Francine: a painting in CSS. 
🧐 The New Yorker added a crossword
📚 Books about libraries
🇨🇦 Canada Modern
💻 1970s IBM posters
Josh Marshall
maybe Kanye is just the Ezra Pound of rap.
The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back
Big Brother Goes Digital
The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code
The Mystery of the Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube
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