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Pop Loser No. 103


Pop Loser

March 23 · Issue #103 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

I’ve been trying to get a handle on this Facebook story—what happened, what happens next, what it all means—for the last several days. Like anything Facebook related, the fallout is sprawling, the takes are plentiful. I had to give the story its own Instapaper folder and haven’t read much else this week.
The conclusion I’ve come to is… I don’t know. Which is my answer to a lot of these things and is also probably why I’m not worth millions of dollars. But does anyone really have a handle on it? There are obvious questions: Should you delete Facebook? Well, that’s not so simple. Maybe regulate it? Also complicated! But the implications of all of this shit takes years to sort out and with the current pace of advancement, we’ll be worried about the next thing long before we understand what the fuck happened with this thing.
Just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean that it’s not outrageous. It is unquestionably a bad thing that we carry out much of our online lives within a data-mining apparatus that sells influence to the highest bidder.
For years we’ve been talking and thinking about social networks as interesting tools to model and understand human dynamics. But it’s no longer academic—Facebook has reached a scale where it’s not a model of society as much as an engine of culture.
But the correct response to these counterpoints isn’t to throw up one’s hands and let Facebook run amok with user data. It’s to refocus antitrust itself, especially as it relates to the digital economy. If antitrust in its strictest sense used to be about defending the principles of an open market, in the Facebook era, it has to become about protecting the public interest against market forces. 

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