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Pop Loser No. 102


Pop Loser

March 16 · Issue #102 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

I have completed my trilogy of pieces for Coax, which is ostensibly a magazine for digital project managers. Travis and Rachel are great and have let me mock digital marketing types mercilessly over the last couple years, as I told people not to chase their stupid dream jobs, to stop talking like fucking assholes and, finally, to just do their goddamned work. When I die, I want links to these articles on my tombstone. 
Some other news: My novel has a cover and a release date and you can pre-order it from the publisher right now. Can’t lie—this is surreal af. 

The Subtle Nudges That Could Unhook Us From Our Phones
How Tiny Red Dots Took Over Your Life
For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned.
How the Parkland Students Got So Good at Social Media
How Gun Buffs Took over Wikipedia’s AR-15 Page
The Story of the Internet, as Told by Know Your Meme
Kurt and all the dude writers
Kurt and all the dude writers
📸 Instagram: Alive Is the City
⭐️ Best one-star reviews of Gravity’s Rainbow
🌶 All the fonts on a bottle of Sriracha
🤷‍♀️ The New York Times put ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in a headline
🤓 CSS Puns
⛺️ Bucky Fuller’s work with The North Face. 
🍅 Rotten Tomatoes redesign. 
⚱️ Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records, died while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars. 
📱 Feedless is social media without the feeds. 
🤑 Evergreen cryptocurrency blog post. 
Bringing Down a Media Empire
Out of Print: NME's Demise Shows Pressure on Consumer Magazines
Apple Buys Texture, a Digital Magazine Subscription Service
How a Group of Journalists Turned Hip-Hop Into a Literary Movement
Ichiro Suzuki's Return to the Seattle Mariners Won't Resolve His Internal Battle
David Foster Wallace and the Horror of Neuroscience
Why, in China and Japan, a Copy Is Just as Good as an Original
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