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Pop Loser No. 101: the One Where I Am Reminded (Again) That I Do Not Understand Money


Pop Loser

February 23 · Issue #101 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

No open this week, just a quick housekeeping note: I’ve got a deadline for book edits in about a week and a half, so expect this thing not to show up next week and possibly the week after. Apologies in advance. This is just going to be a thing that happens until May. And if you think that’s rough, wait until every issue for six months screams “HEY, DID YOU BUY MY BOOK YET?” Apologies for that, too. 

The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy
Jay Smooth is doing a YouTube series on media literacy.
The Internet Isn’t Forever
We're Asking the Wrong Questions About Phone Addiction
Google's New Ad Blocker Changed the Web Before It Even Switched On
AMP for Email Is a Terrible Idea
In One Tweet, Kylie Jenner Wiped Out $1.3 Billion of Snap's Market Value
Alt-Right Leaders Can No Longer Spread Disinformation on Medium
Everything is the same.
Everything is the same.
🖌 Every tech logo now looks the same. 
📺 Trailers for Netflix’s reboots of Lost In Space and ReBoot
🎾 What colour is a tennis ball
🔬 Fake research paper based on Star Trek: Voyager‘s worst episode was published by a scientific journal
📀 “The best thing to happen to movies since popcorn.” 
📚 Things found between the pages of old books
🖥 Twitter killed their desktop app (formerly known as Tweetie). 
Against Guilty Pleasures: Adorno on the Crimes of Pop Culture
The Final, Terrible Voyage of the 'Nautilus'
Technology to Cut down on Sleep Is Just Around the Corner
How Unwitting Americans Encountered Russian Operatives Online
The NBA's Obsession with Wine
'The Twilight Zone,' from A to Z
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