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Pop Loser #98


Pop Loser

February 2 · Issue #98 · View online

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

HQ Trivia is great and destined for failure. It’s problems are well known and now it’s really easy to cheat, which wrecks what fun people were still having. This was always going to end like another Draw Something—rapid growth, lots of attention and then we all move on to the next shiny thing because, well, we are pretty simple creatures, all things considered. Except HQ didn’t get the $180M payoff. Yet. It did, however, make painfully clear how little I know about US geography. 
It was fun, though, right? There was something about the way the app was put together (glitches aside) that makes it really appealing. The games at regular times, the bonus games at irregular times, the seemingly random cash prize amounts, weird guests, the functionally-useless-but-necessary-to-reinforce-this-shit-is-live chat, the way Scott Rogowsky looks ever-so-slightly off camera in a way that makes me deeply uncomfortable, and so on. They didn’t make a game, they made a gameshow, but one we could all play together. That’s brilliant, if fleeting. Still, would you be surprised to see some version of Jeopardy! coming along and doing similar? 
Housekeeping: Notice some changes? I dumped MailChimp in favour of Revue to send this thing. MailChimp is great, but I can automate more things with Revue, saving me a lot of time. (Fun fact: I’ve been putting together Pop Loser in HTML and pasting it into MailChimp all this time.) Revue limits features and design, which is very soothing at this point in my life. Otherwise, same old, same old around here. 
Also: Because it’s a two-week issue, it’s a bit… long. Sorry. 

White Girls Saying [N-Word] on Instagram Is the Black Mirrorest Black Mirror Shit White Girls Saying [N-Word] on Instagram Is the Black Mirrorest Black Mirror Shit
colin horgan
the thing with saying everything is like Black Mirror misses the point.
Black Mirror reflects our reality; it's not the other way around.
What if a Healthier Facebook Is Just … Instagram?
Is 2018 the Year We Step Away from Social Media?
Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now
Google’s Arts and Culture App and the Damaging Bias of Technology
Will Tech Giants Move on From the Internet, Now We've All Been Harvested?
Learning to Fool Our Algorithmic Spies
How Much for That Pepe? Scenes from the First Rare Digital Art Auction
Apple's iPad Media Experiment Cost Its Partners Years
Bad Faith Backlash: Arguing Online With Everyone and No One
How Radio Show "Brave New Waves" Helped Build Canada’s Underground Scene
Kodak’s Dubious Cryptocurrency Gamble
Trailer for HBO's "Andre the Giant"
📰 eBay is ditching PayPal
📱 Die With Me is a chat app that only works when your phone’s battery is below 5%
📚 10 great literary works about television (missing is the criminally under-appreciated Human Amusements)
💸 Casey Neistat’s Beme is shutting down after a few pivots and a big cheque from CNN 
📼 Archived video from the old CBC music show Let’s Go 
🕵️‍♂️ Has the Black Dahlia murder been solved? 
🤬 The history of one of the web’s first viral videos
🎥 Trailers for Dear Dictator and Mute
😮 This guy has over 160,000 magazines
😂 Netflix and chill for married people 
🎧 The story behind Darude’s “Sandstorm
🔥 34 articles about design and Hawaii’s missile alert 
🚀 How Futura landed on the moon
The Follower Factory
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech
The Apple Watch Wants to Alter Your Behavior
My Woody Allen Problem
Christopher Priest Made Black Panther Cool, Then Disappeared
What Consent Means in the Age of #MeToo
The Trippy, High-Speed World of Drone Racing
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