Pop Loser

By Tyler Hellard

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

A newsletter of innumerable confusions and a profound feeling of despair collected and written by @poploser.

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Pop Loser No. 113

Of all the baes in all the planes in all the world, why why why? The plane bae thing is very 2018, as is the backlash. It's fame in the most modern way. And if you sit near me anywhere, never, ever do this. "None of this was her doing, her choice. No one aske…


Pop Loser No. 112

Addicted to all of the above. If gaming addiction is a mental health issue, should we consider other things as well? “Can people truly be addicted to games, like they can to gambling, or to heroin? And even if they can, why is gaming the only official compute…


Pop Loser No. 111

Pay attention to me. We should have known the future would be shitty when we all played Tamagotchi. “The Tamagotchi offers the option to turn off the sound. But if I turn it off, I’ll miss the notifications and accidentally kill my hateful son. At this point,…


Pop Loser No. 110

The death of Second Life. Second Life is still alive and creepier than ever. “It was deserted, but remains in pristine condition. Digital worlds don't typically rot or become overgrown with foliage, after all. They exist for a time, and then someone shuts the…


Pop Loser No. 109

Here we go again. Facebook is eating shit because the New York Times found out they are sharing a lot of data with device makers like Apple. "Facebook allowed the device companies access to the data of users’ friends without their explicit consent, even after…


Pop Loser No. 108

The new big thing. How and why Fortnite turned into a game that matters. “Game fads come and go: Rubik’s Cube, Dungeons & Dragons, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go. What people seem to agree on, whether they’re seasoned gamers or dorky d…


Pop Loser No. 107

Bot fight. Two Instagram robots are fighting with each other. Honestly, the fake feud might be the only part of this story that makes sense to me. "When the legendary Japanese grappler Antonio Inoki got frustrated with an opponent and stomped him into unconsc…


Pop Loser No. 106

☠️ Did Thanos kill you? (I died.) 🧔 Hilariously disturbing photos of bearded men looking straight up. 🖼 Francine: a painting in CSS. 🧐 The New Yorker added a crossword. 💿 Record label logos. 📚 Books about libraries. 🇨🇦 Canada Modern. 💻 1970s IBM posters.


Pop Loser No. 105

🤖 A robot (sort of) built an Ikea chair. ⚱️ Art Bell died. 🎥 Trailer for Design Canada. 👾 Multiplayer Minesweeper. 🖼 The Museum of Websites. 📱 Phone Detox. 🎸 Prince annotated.


Pop Loser No. 104

🏈 ESPN+ launches with all the 30 For 30 docs (and not much else of note). 📫 Gmail redesign is (finally) coming. ⭐️ The 100 best one-star reviews of Gatsby. (Did I already link to this?) 👩‍🎤 Ursula K. Le Guin made an album. 🎧 A Tom Waits playlist of Tom Waits …


Pop Loser No. 103

🎂 Kottke.org is twenty. 🍿 Trailers for Won't You Be My Neighbor?, The Last Movie Star and Eighth Grade. ☔️ The F*cking Weather. 📷 Instagram is sort of fixing their feed. 😂 The Five Stages of Socializing With Your Children’s Friends’ Parents👩‍🎤 Courtney Barnet…


Pop Loser No. 102

📸 Instagram: Alive Is the City. ⭐️ Best one-star reviews of Gravity's Rainbow. 🌶 All the fonts on a bottle of Sriracha. 🤷‍♀️ The New York Times put ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in a headline. 🤓 CSS Puns. ⛺️ Bucky Fuller's work with The North Face. 🍅 Rotten Tomatoes redesign. ⚱️…


Pop Loser No. 101: the One Where I Am Reminded (Again) That I Do Not Understand Money

🖌 Every tech logo now looks the same. 📺 Trailers for Netflix's reboots of Lost In Space and ReBoot. 🎾 What colour is a tennis ball? 🔬 Fake research paper based on Star Trek: Voyager's worst episode was published by a scientific journal📀 "The best thing to hap…


Pop Loser No. 100: The One That Comes After 99

😂 If literature's "complicated men" were on Tinder.👾 Want: PocketSprite keychain GameBoy thingy. 🖼 Till Rabus's paintings.


Pop Loser No. 99: The One That Comes Before 100

👀 Westworld season 2 trailer📚 The 50 best 1-star reviews for Ulysses👾 The American Mall Game and Monster Breeder📸 Igor Lipchangskiy's Instagram album cover shots👃 A history of Smell-O-Vision📰 The Atlantic is killing comments🎧 WinAmp in your browser📺 They are …


Pop Loser #98

📰 eBay is ditching PayPal📱 Die With Me is a chat app that only works when your phone's battery is below 5%📚 10 great literary works about television (missing is the criminally under-appreciated Human Amusements)💸 Casey Neistat's Beme is shutting down after a …