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We build cool stuff for creators and makers. By @tibo_maker and @tomjacquesson

We build cool stuff for creators and makers.
By @tibo_maker and @tomjacquesson

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Product Weekly Digest #35

Every now and then, we drop a free tool.And that's today!Twitter Streak helps you become more consistent in your tweeting efforts. Tracking your streak, your growth and giving you prompts and rewards are some of the ways this free tool keeps you motivated and…


Product Weekly Digest #34

If you're interested in SaaS metrics, you know already Baremetrics. But did you know they have a tool to help you forecast revenue for your SaaS?It's pretty neat and... it's free! Yaaay.Just input your current MRR, your churn rate, and the revenue you add eve…


Last chance before price increase 📈

Hey there!This is the last email you'll get from us about Taplio before a WHILE!But it's an important one.Our launch ends in just a few hours and this is the last chance to grab a spot at $29/mo instead o $49/mo.And there's only 30 of those discounted seats l…


It's live 🎉

Last week we were telling you about our waiting list for Taplio, our new LinkedIn growth product which we’ve been working on for a while now.I bear good news: it’s now officially launched and accessible to you.Plus, the first 200 people to join are getting a …


From Twitter to LinkedIn

As you know, we’re huge product fans here at Pony Express Studio.Our story started about a year ago when Tibo and I came up with the idea for Tweet Hunter. Since that day, it’s grown into a thriving business with thousands of customers and a small team dedica…


Product Weekly Digest #33

Paved was one of the first players to succeed in the Newsletter sponsorship industry. And now they've released a full-fledged ad network. The goal is for newsletter creators to stop having to negotiate every single sponsorship deal, and just automatically fil…


Product Weekly Digest #32

We actually just launched this free Chrome extension on Product Hunt! If you're looking for an easy way to create more LinkedIn content and measure your audience growth, there's no better "value for money" tool out there (because it's both good AND free). Che…


Product Weekly Digest #31

I'll be honest, I always thought those fancy product tours you get after signing up were the result of days and days of work. And maybe they are. But Driftly offers a no-code solution to this problem. All you need to do is copy/paste a short code snippet and …


Product Weekly Digest #30

This is really neat. If you're looking for an easy solution for your visitors to give you feedback about your website/product, Question makes it super simple for them to do so with their webcam and screen recording enabled. This way you don't miss out on key …


Product Weekly Digest #29

I love this product. It allows you do put a little voice recording widget on your website, so users can leave you a voice message. They brand it as something for podcast makers, but I really think it has the potential for a lot of things including customer su…


Product Weekly Digest #28

Back to business.Meaning, your usual Product Digest of the week.


Product Weekly Digest #27

Alright, now let's dive into the Product Digest!


Product Weekly Digest #26

I LOVE this product. If you handle payment with Stripe and customer service through Gmail, you'll love it to.It's a Gmail plugin that shows you any Stripe and payment details it can find about the sender of an email. This way you can easily perform tasks such…


Product Weekly Digest #25

MicroAcquire is an amazing site to sell your startup or side project. But what if you don't want to sell all of it? That's when Bits for Digits jumps in. The platform is a marketplace to buy and sell partial ownership of a startup. Perfect for when you want t…


Product Weekly Digest #24

I talked a bit with maker @julesmaregiano on Twitter. His tool Exportator is pretty nice! It's a promo code manager for Stripe, delivering more options (like localized coupons) and an easier management and tracking system. Oh and also, you know how "parity pr…


Product Weekly Digest #23

This tool helps you showcase prices in local currency, do pricing A/B tests, and set your prices according to demographics. Quite an impressive solution for anyone looking to drive more revenue. It is quite expensive, but the first 1000 conversions are free s…


Product Weekly Digest #22

This cool Figma plugin by Jim Raptis helps you create 3D mock-ups in Figma. I like using it to showcase screenshots in a more sexyfunky (yes it's a word) way instead of the usual "flat format". Just like Jim did in the picture above.And it's SOOO easy to use.…


Product Weekly Digest #21

Audio is being largely ignored, but I think it's where a lot of innovation still lies. BlogAudio is a great idea to turn your content into audio bits and make it more accessible in the process. The voices, though not perfect, are still really good.So if you p…


Product Weekly Digest #20

The kind of product that does what you think it does. Thread Hunt sends you a curated selection of interesting threads every week.Various topics are covered, including marketing, writing, productivity, machine learning and more.👉 Visit website-


Product Weekly Digest #19

Unlock content for people who choose to follow you.Example: access this free resource in exchange for following me on TwitterEasy pitch. Easy value. I want this.I had a nice talk with Dennis, the maker behind FollowShare, and he seems like the kind of person …