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Product Weekly Digest #35

This is the 35th edition of the Pony Express newsletter! Every edition, we showcase 3 products we discovered and think can be helpful for makers and creators.
Let’s dive in!

Twitter Streak
Every now and then, we drop a free tool.
And that’s today!
Twitter Streak helps you become more consistent in your tweeting efforts. Tracking your streak, your growth and giving you prompts and rewards are some of the ways this free tool keeps you motivated and inspired.
And… it’s live on Product Hunt TODAY!
Any support is appreciated!
You KNOW you wrote down that super important thing somewhere, but you just can’t remember where it was. Was it Notion? Google Docs? Trello? Figma?
☝️ This is me about 10 times a day. A huge waste of time for any maker who’s wearing multiple hats.
And eesel is trying to help me, by aggregating all my online files into one single search engine packed into a Chrome extension. This way I can just type in whatever I remember about my important note, and find it.
Honestly, it’s super smooth, very powerful.
Amogh (the maker) just made one mistake: making it free when I would definitely spend $100+/year for this.
Untitled UI Icons
If you have ever opened and actually read this newsletter, you know I love Figma.
So I was extremely happy to find this amazing library of 1,100 free icons.
They really did a great job with those, and you can also shell out $39 to get the full pack with more than 3,000 icons.
Done! See you next week!
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