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Product Weekly Digest #34

It’s been a few weeks since we last sent a regular issue, which is pretty ironic for a Product WEEKLY Digest.
Truth is, we’ve been really busy. But we’re definitely not quitting!
So without further ado…
This is the 34th edition of the Pony Express newsletter! Every edition, we showcase 3 products we discovered and think can be helpful for makers and creators.
Let’s dive in!

Revenue Forecaster (by Baremetrics)
If you’re interested in SaaS metrics, you know already Baremetrics. But did you know they have a tool to help you forecast revenue for your SaaS?
It’s pretty neat and… it’s free! Yaaay.
Just input your current MRR, your churn rate, and the revenue you add every month, and voilà!
Makers and creators usually have the to-do list of 30 different people. So it’s pretty disturbing when your focus gets disturbed by incoming emails.
You guessed it, Snailbox acts as a buffer that will send all your emails at the time of day you want to get them. No more notifications, and no more temptation to go and see if you have new emails.
And they’re currently looking for testers, so go for it!
Batch Styler (for Figma)
I like Figma. It’s as simple as that.
But one thing I found lacking was the ability to quickly change all the fonts and colors of multiple elements. It’s doable, but it really is a hassle.
Batch Styler makes it easy! And it’s free! Great work by maker Jan Six.
If you follow us, you may have heard we’re giving away a $5000 Maker Grant. We got over 174 submissions, and selected 14 projects we really like. You can vote for them until next week and get to decide who wins the grant!
Done! See you next week!
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