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This is the 33rd edition of the Pony Express newsletter. Every edition, we showcase 3 products we discovered and think can be helpful for makers and creators.
Let’s dive in!

Paved Ad Network
Paved was one of the first players to succeed in the Newsletter sponsorship industry. And now they’ve released a full-fledged ad network. The goal is for newsletter creators to stop having to negotiate every single sponsorship deal, and just automatically fill up their newsletter with relevant ads pushed by Paved. Pretty cool!
If you have a community-based business and you’re looking for an affordable solution to host your community on your own domain, look no further. This is great for all cohort-based course builders or simply for paid online communities. By the way, they have a cool AppSumo deal you should check out.
A cool Calendly alternative, with a few features that make using it a bit more personal (and by personal, I mean human). It’s also more affordable because it’s… free! At least for now while they figure out the paid part of their product. Strongly recommended.
Done! See you next week!
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