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Product Weekly Digest #28

This is the 28th edition of the Pony Express newsletter. Every week, we showcase 3 products we discovered and think can be helpful for makers and creators.
Just a quick thing…
Tweet Hunter was nominated for a Golden Kitty Award!
That’s right, we have a shot at winning Product Hunt’s coveted award, celebrating the best products of 2021.
Our category: Community & Social (no surprise there)
It would be really awesome to win this.
So if you like the team and/or the product, we would really appreciate your support on this one!
All you need to do is go on Product Hunt and place your vote for Tweet Hunter! Takes approx. 3 seconds.

Community & social - Golden Kitty Awards 2021 | Product Hunt
Back to business.
Meaning, your usual Product Digest of the week.
Copy All URLs
This is a stupid simple (and free) product. Got a bunch of Chrome tabs opened and need to copy each and every URL into a doc or sheet or anywhere else?
Just grab that Chrome extension, click on it, paste, done.
I use it a lot of times whenever I’m researching people or products. A common use for makers would be when you’re creating curated lists of X.
I love it.
This is great. I love landing pages where you can start playing around with the product without even logging in. Arcade doesn’t quite go there but it helps you generate interactive demos of your product to make your users feel like they’re already using it. It’s really good. They’re on waitlist for now, but I know I’ll join as soon as I can.
I know many of you do cold emailing. One of the most frustrating things is being sent straight to spam. This is where email warmers such as Mailivery come in. Kind of a grey-hat tactic, but it does work. Basically, it generates content, sends it out with your email to a bunch of email addresses they own, and remove the emails from spam.
I like Mailivery because the UX is top-notch and the pricing pretty fair. And they generate great content which makes the process even more likely to succeed.
Done! Talk to you next week!
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