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This is the 26th edition of the Pony Express newsletter. Every week, we showcase 3 products we discovered and think can be helpful for makers and creators.
This week is special!
We just launched a Twitter growth challenge!
It’s important for us to enter 2022 with a growth mindset, and we love Twitter. So there you have it!
But this is no ordinary challenge:
  • It’s not just about tweeting, it’s about growth
  • It’s not just about followers, it’s about building an engaged audience
  • And it contains amazing rewards along the way and a big (BIG) prize for the winners
So if you’re into Twitter like we are, and feel like you’re up to the challenge, check it out 👇

2022 Twitter Growth Challenge | Tweet Hunter
Alright, now let’s dive into the Product Digest!
Crypto Icons
Did you know 99% of new projects are in the fields of crypto or DeFi.
No that’s not true, but it feels like it! So I’m sure this resources of icons (with a Figma version) will be useful for some of you launching products and services around cryptocurrency. You can get a free sample before you buy.
Meta data, erf. I hate doing those. But it’s really important for SEO so you can’t really get around it. At least metaSEO makes it really easy to generate the code that’s going to feed Google and the likes all the info they need. All you need to do is upload the actual information, and it will generate the code you can just copy/paste, as is.
Huge time saver if you launch a lot of projects (and free).
I recently crossed 7K followers on Twitter, and thought it be interesting to know them better. Little did I know Twitter doesn’t actually let you download anything easily from your follower list. They’re even making it harder and harder.
I found ExportData to be really useful. There’s different degrees of information. I really just wanted to see what topics they liked, how many followers they had, etc. And for just a few dollars I got a complete report within 5 minutes. I strongly recommend this tool to dive into who your Twitter audience is.
Done! Talk to you next week!
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