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This is the 20th edition of the Pony Express newsletter. Every week, we curate (and sometimes make 😉) 3 awesome products that are useful for makers and creators. Let’s dive in!

Thread Hunt
The kind of product that does what you think it does. Thread Hunt sends you a curated selection of interesting threads every week.
Various topics are covered, including marketing, writing, productivity, machine learning and more.
Feeds Mage
This is one great and unique idea that maker Fabrizio Rinaldi had and executed. Feeds Mage helps you identify what are the blogs and newsletters of people you follow on Twitter. This is great if you want to know more about them.
It’s also interesting for business purposes. These are people you potentially have common interests and goals with, so knowing what they’re up to can generate new opportunities.
It’s no secret that online communities are booming, and that Discord and Telegram are at the center of the game here, along with a few other players.
Well if you have one of these communities, Hyper is a great way to sell access to it. To be noted: this is quite a powerful tool for tech-savvy people, with a bunch of different options.
That’s it for today! See you next week with some more maker products!
Tom @ Pony Express Studio
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