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Serious, long-form journalism for Summer 2021. From our home-improvement “specialist” Keith Jeep, a self-taught and self-certified handyman, to our food reviewer Glen Lentil, a man you might find crying over a bowl of soup, we think you’ll be quite impressed with the range of topics, qualifications, and writing abilities of our fine authors.

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College Packing List, Questionable Performance Art, and a 911 Call

Keith Jeep prepares his daughter for college, public performance art goes awry, and Jean Collins makes her most daring call yet.


Sly Hiring Techniques, Kids Art Camp Review, and Space Jam 2

Scott Scranton advises struggling employers, an art critic dissects Somerville Art Camp for kids, and PIC has hot takes on Space Jam 2.


Keith Jeep at the Beach, Jean Collins Live On-Air, and Dating Advice

Keith Jeep escapes the forest for the beach, the tables turn as Jean Collins is interviewed live on air, plus tried and true dating advice.


Playful Cheeseburger Sliders, Motherly Advice, and a Sincere Apology

Glen Lentil goes patty wild, our horoscope writer just wants what's best for you, and a pool manager owns up to an honest mistake.


The Keith Jeep Foundation, Little Douglas, and Hot or Not

Keith Jeep’s new foundation stands up for invertebrate rights, and Jean Collins digs in to the mind of Little Doug, a bright young American.


Cheap Summer Vacations, Blueberry Pancakes, and MLB Courtesy

Scott Scranton explains how to vacay cheaper this summer—without sacrificing fun. Plus, Glen Lentil's blueberry pancakes from the heart.


Little League Inspiration, Summer Gift Guide, and Sustainable Living

Get suitable gift ideas for any run-of-the-mill person, and tips for reusing leftovers from Sarah Reelwomin (NOT a raccoon).


Dangerous Pasta Salad and Safe Stock Tips

Glen Lentil's bold summer pasta recipe, Scott Scranton's safest buy/sell stock picks, and blowout deals at Morty's Asbestos Emporium.


DIY Bird Feeders and Everyday US Patriots

Join our new big-name columnists for a savory summer of defining opinions. Foodie life, advice, home improvement, interviews, and horoscopes.