Point Loma & OB Dems - April 25 Meeting Recap and Minutes - Strong Mayor & Council President





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Point Loma & OB Dems
The progressive voice of Point Loma, OB and Loma Portal since 1954.
Meeting Recap, Updates and Links
Launching a New Community Grant Competition
History of the Strong Mayor in San Diego

The Point Loma & OB Democratic Club Micro Grant Competition
History of the Strong Mayor in San Diego
Norma Damashek @ndamashek is a long-time San Diego activist. She recounted a history of mayoral power in San Diego.
San Diego had operated under a city-manager form of government since 1931; between 1969 and 2004, however, San Diego mayors attempted to transition the city to our current strong-mayor form of government that awards the mayor greater power in building the budget and hiring/firing staff including city managers and commission members. In 1969 San Diego Mayor Curran first attempted the switch to a strong-mayor form of government but was rejected by voters. During the 1970s San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson tried again to transition San Diego to a strong-mayor city structure and also failed—he did, however, establish the San Diego City Council’s current committee system. It wasn’t until 2004 when Mayor Dick Murphy coupled together with powerful real estate developers and the Padres that enough support was garnered among voters to cement the strong-mayor system that still governs San Diego today.
Under San Diego’s strong-mayor structure the Mayor appoints City Managers with some oversight from City Council. Norma advocated for new changes to San Diego’s City Charter that would require stricter qualifications for City Manager appointments by the mayor.
Strong Mayor Form of Government
Strong Mayor Form of Government
Norma’s master’s thesis, ANATOMY OF FAILURE is on the “Reading List for the San Diego Newcomer” compiled by the Voice of San Diego. You can read it HERE
The Western Service Workers Association
The Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) is working to help those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic who had the least to begin with.
WSWA distributes over 4,000 lbs. of fresh food each week. Right now the organization is seeking volunteers to participate in Advocacy Sessions every Tuesday from 1 pm to 4 pm that will help families navigate rent and utilities bills that have racked up during the pandemic.
To learn more about WSWA or to volunteer call (619) 238-9763, visit 3014 Imperial Avenue San Diego, CA 7-days a week between 9 am and 9 pm or e-mail treasurer@pointlomadem.org
More about More Choice San Diego
Amy Tobia spoke on behalf of Represent San Diego, a national nonpartisan organization that has partnered with local groups to pass over 124 anticorruption reforms nationwide. Represent Us has joined with More Choice San Diego to usher in a system of ranked choice voting.
More Choice San Diego is launching a second attempt to pass Ranked Choice Voting in San Diego after falling one vote short at San Diego’s City Council last year.
The Impact of Ranked Choice Voting in Minnesota.
More Choice | Ranked Choice Voting for San Diego
Policy Panel on H.R. 1: The For the People Act
Today's Meeting Minutes
April 25 General Meeting Minutes
Updates and Calls to Action
San Diego Asian Film Festival
Ask Rep. Peters to take the Patients Over Profits pledge and cosponsor H.R. 1976 | National Nurses United
Blue Dream Democrats
News and Updates
San Diego Democratic Party Calls on City to End SeaWorld Fireworks
Submit Your Nominations for the 2021 Roosevelt Honors Awards | San Diego County Democratic Party
Interested in Running for Office? Join Us for 'Campaigning 101' | San Diego County Democratic Party
The Invention of the Police | The New Yorker
How Churches Are Influencing Vaccine Decisions | KPBS
What We Learned This Week
Point Loma & OB Dems
  • Angela Hawkins
  • Diane Mosely
  • Judith Collier
  • Dave Furlano
  • Gale Hill
  • Carol Holt
  • Mike Klinkert
  • Susan Peinado
  • Gary Werchak
  • Marsha Alexander
  • Toni Atkins
  • Leslie Bruce
  • Barbara Bry
  • Michen Denny
  • Marilyn Gibbs
  • Mandy Havlik
  • Dianne Lane
  • Joe LeCava
  • Yvonne Lu
  • Katherine Merten
  • Ulrich Merten
  • Pam Page
  • Gregg Robinson
  • Wedad Schlotte
  • Katherine Sheehan
  • Louise Titlow
  • Howard Walker
  • Chris Ward
  • Les Williamson
  • Carl Yaeckel
  • Dev Zaveri
Point Loma Democratic Club
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  • Endorsement Committee Chair,  Deval Zaveri-Tabb
  • Membership Committee Chair, Susan Peinado
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