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What's this?  PodtoPod on a Monday?  No, we didn't forget what date it is.  We are just shifting our


April 10 · Issue #47 · View online
The Ultimate Resource for Podcasters

What’s this?  PodtoPod on a Monday?  No, we didn’t forget what date it is.  We are just shifting our release schedule this week and next for the holidays.  So enjoy PodtoPod a day early.  And remember, we’ll release next week’s a day late.  That one will arrive Wednesday. 
Happy Holidays Everyone. 

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‘S-Town’ Attains Podcasting Blockbuster Status - The New York Times
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NPR’s upcoming daily news podcast sounds like a Morning Edition promo, which would be too bad » Nieman Journalism Lab
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Advertisers Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies | Mark Ramsey Media LLC
6 Podcasting Skills That Will Make Listeners Cry with Delight - Podcast Motor
How Long Does it Take to Build Your Audience?
Getting Kids into Podcasting
Preparing for and Learning from Your First Podcast Episode
NPR Training | What's in your bag, Tim Nelson?
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Lightning mics are here...and much more!
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Video #1 - Podcast Ratings and Reviews in iTunes — The Podcast Consultant
What We're Listening Too
Radio Professionals: Learn From Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane at NAB Show 2017 - PowerPress Podcast
EP.4 - The Benefit of Live Podcasting Events [AUDIO] — The Podcast Consultant
SLS107: How Important is Apple, Google To Your Podcast? | Spreaker Live Show with Rob Greenlee
122 Chris Curran | How a Podcasting Engineer Has Made Meditation an Important Part of His Life | Podcast Junkies
76. Rebroadcast: How to Get a Lot of Reviews and Ratings on Your Podcast with Amanda Bayerle - We Are Podcast
Building Your Ground Game & Comitting to Fans | The Scott Barstow Show
IC002: Feedback On Pitches and Relationships With Guests - Podcasting, Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Dead Mom Talking - Transom
EP.03 - The True Impact of Podcast Reviews [AUDIO] — The Podcast Consultant
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