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March 6 · Issue #94 · View online
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Industry News
Top 20 Podcasts: January 2018 - Podtrac
IAB study tracks the trends of podcast listening across the day – RAIN News
That's Cool!
5 Podcast Pluses for E-Commerce SMBs | E-Commerce | E-Commerce Times
Teacher Removed from Classroom After Her Podcast was Discovered | Podcaster News
‘Alexa, How Can Podcasters Make Money From Voice Assistants?’ - WSJ
Time for some fresh air (Terry Gross to keynote PM18)! - Podcast Movement 2018
Gimlet Media sets its sights on kids and smart speakers with new audio project – RAIN News
I tracked Apple’s Top 200 Podcasts for an entire year. Here’s what I found.
Jimmy Pardo will do your podcast, but only if you support this year's Pardcast-a-Thon
UK television company makes audio debut with Audible projects – RAIN News
Podcast Madness 2018 -- Elite Eight | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Casting, coaching and cutting: A producer’s guide to unmoderated conversations | NPR Training
James Cridland’s Future of Radio: HTTPS websites and iHeartMedia possibly bankrupt? – RAIN News
The rise of voice technologies means new opportunities for podcasting
Audiobooks, Patreon & Sponsorship to Monetise a Creative Podcast
Trivia Night: The Rise of History Podcasts – cabana – Medium
How Important is Anchor's Free Hosting?
Podcasts get a critical treatment from L.A. Review of Books – RAIN News
Podcast Madness Round 2 recap, WTF happened? | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Content Stagecoach: The Booth Junkie | Podcaster News
Podcasts made by radio people are good for business | radioinfo
Advertisers Were Slow to Embrace the Web, and They’re Doing It Again With Podcasts – Adweek
Podcast Spotlight: Changing Hearts and Minds | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Tour Marc Maron’s Garage Before He and His Podcast Move - The New York Times
The Bose backstory – RadioPublic
Recode will be live podcasting at SXSW, and you’re invited - Recode
Nerdist Podcast Rebranded as ID10T | Podcaster News
Renaissance Academy students learn podcasting tips from NYC pro | Clark County |
This bastion of LA radio and podcasting could be silenced by Ports O’ Call redevelopment – Daily News
Branded Podcasts Are The Ads People Actually Want To Listen To
Want To Make A Living As a Podcaster? This Entrepreneur Is Pulling It Off
How To Make A Podcast On Your Phone | Lifehacker Australia
Marketing a Podcast: Grassroots Style | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
How To Share Audio on Facebook - Wavve
Gaining Influence Through Media Relations with Lucas Miller
How to Start Your Own Podcast - ALC
Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Podcast, According To The Pros
Should I Start Multiple Podcasts?
How To Create A Podcast On An iPhone (Or iPad) 2018 - Podcast Insights
How to Monitor Your Sound When Recording & Editing a Podcast
Strutting Your Stuff – With the Right Microphone Strut… | Podcaster News
Quick Start Guide to Podcasting - Get started with these 10 easy steps for new Podcasters!
Podcast Audio Compression - Dynamics Processing - The Podcast Creative
MyCast Skill Is Here For Alexa
Using Categories or Channels For Your Podcast
Try Out Podcasts With This App
What We're Listening Too
182 Yurt Rats – She Podcasts
200th Episode with Rob Walsh to talk RAD - New Media Show
PN18: Seth Feingersh on Gary Vaynerchuk's Podcast & Live Streaming Setup - Podcast NinjaPN18: Seth Feingersh on Gary Vaynerchuk's Podcast & Live Streaming Setup - Podcast Ninja
Looking for Love: PBC Podcast [Episode 12] ⋆ Podcast Brunch Club
137. Dan Misener and Steve Pratt, Pacific Content
Interview with creator of the audio drama, Four Mondays | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
91. Ed Dale on Understanding Your Tribe, the Power of Crowdfunding and an Undying Love of Podcasts - We Are Podcast
SLS148: Ten Podcasting Commandments, Spotify | Spreaker Live Show
Podcast Credibility Comes With Visibility And Reliability: Season 04 Ep. 3
Bonus Episode: Can I be vulnerable with you? – Interview Connections
Podcasting Tips I Learned From NPR [Ep 92] :: Podcast FastTrack - and the Podcastification podcast
Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts: Average Guys Talk - Official Libsyn Blog
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