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February 27 · Issue #93 · View online
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Industry News
January 2018- Top Podcast Publishers - Podtrac
IAB Australia survey finds growing interest in podcast, streaming advertising – RAIN News
That's Cool!
What If Centralization Was Good?
Bose Ventures is the latest investor in RadioPublic – RAIN News
New KQED podcast takes cue from NYT’s ‘The Daily’ | Current New KQED podcast takes cue from NYT’s ‘The Daily’ – Current
Ad spend triples as media agencies back podcasts - AdNews
James Cridland’s Future of Radio: A new kids station in Australia, and a new online station in the UK – RAIN News
Is Creating Your Own Podcast Actually Worth It? - WSJ
Red Bluff High grads break into podcasting
Podcast Success In One Graph — Creative Bravery x Commitment
Early Stage Podcast: How RadioPublic is Helping Define the Future of Podcasting
Is Cable Crossing a Bad Thing in Audio Recording?
If podcasting were an olympic sport... - Podcast Movement News
RadioPublic calculator shows the pros and cons of today’s podcast advertising – RAIN News
Why you can't compare podcasts to radio | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Adoption: March 2018 Podcast Playlist ⋆ Podcast Brunch Club
Podcasts should be recognized as legitimate form of entertainment — The Lamron
Summer podcast immersion offered to high school students | Forest Lake Times |
NAU professor puts science history into podcast form | Local |
This Agency Thinks Advertisers Should Put Their Money Where Their Ears Are – Adweek
The Perspective of a New PodcasterNews.Com Writer… | Podcaster News
Aussie media agencies tap audio | WARC
Australia’s Placard Media merges with Nearly podcast network – RAIN News
James Cridland’s Future of Radio: Kyle Sandilands in a new podcast – RAIN News
Podcast Spotlight: Weird Work | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Welcoming Bose Corporation to RadioPublic as an investor
Audio company Anchor is hiring for content partnerships – RAIN News
Podcast Madness 2018 -- Sweet 16 | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Podcast Spotlight: The Agewyz Podcast | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods
Eight Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Podcast
How to Make a Podcast on Your Phone
4 Things To Do To Start A Company Podcast - Spreaker Blog
The Two-Way Benefits of Podcast Communities - Audible Feast
Podcastification -podcasting tips, podcast tricks, and how to podcast better: RANT: You Could Be Killing Your Podcast Growth Curve [Ep 91]
A Question To Start A Story? - Transom
5 rules for podcasting responsibly – cabana – Medium
The surprisingly simple way to get your show on Apple’s podcast charts
Keep Tweaking and Keep Learning To Grow Your Podcast Audience and Improve your Content - The Podcast Guys @ Abrupt Audio
PodTips: Should I have a co-host on my podcast? - Podcaster questions
Command Your Brand: Podcast Guesting And PR Combined with Jeremy and Brielle Slate
XAPPmedia launches self-service Alexa skills for podcasters – RAIN News
Anchor’s redesigned app focuses on podcasting - The Verge
Acast podcast app joins Ford Sync 3 in cars – RAIN News
Adobe Audition CC Review | Top Podcast Production Processes
What We're Listening Too
Podfest - Audioboom- Anchor - PublicRadio #199 - New Media Show
114 Libsyn Alexa Podcast Skills and Access To The VIP Room - Official Libsyn Blog
181 Anchor 3.0 and Tears – She Podcasts
IC033: A League of Their Own: Realty Shares and Softball with Dave Claffey – Interview Connections
Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts: Wealth Talks - Official Libsyn Blog
STFP 013: Talkin’ Podcasting With Dave Jackson – Start To Finish Podcasting
049 How Much Time Should You Budget for Podcasting - Podcast Performance Coach
SLS147: Podcasting Stories, Spotify, Events | Spreaker Live Show
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