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I Suck at Video - Newsletter of Painfully Honest Tech

Jason T. Lewis
Jason T. Lewis
I suck at video and I think I’m starting to understand why…

I’ve been thinking about HOW I make my videos. I’m a ‘words’ person. I don’t really think visually beyond how the visuals serve the words. Which is weird, because I learned as a writer to pick the right imagery to help the story. I ignore that with my videos. A lot of video is seeing the content through another lens and telling the story with images and visual techniques, not the other way around.
As a result, my videos are pretty static, which I’ve always thought was good (“more real”), but I realize probably limits their impact and reach. I always think words first and I edit my videos to communicate the ideas the words convey. I don’t think visually, at least not in the same way filmmakers do.
When I first started YT this was out of the need for expediency. I made videos in my spare time after working and writing and family time. Now YT is my main job and I realize I still don’t really care about half of the gig. I want the videos to look good, but only to a certain level and I don’t ever think to make them real stories beyond the story my thoughts as I sit down and talk to the camera.
So today I watched some videos, first this really interesting one by Lindsay Ellis about the nature of engagement and what the “why’ of YouTube is. Then a couple of editing videos by this dude, who edits Logan Paul videos, but I’m trying not to holds that against him. If Logan Paul is good at anything, it’s being engaging, for better or worse, and this guy has the editing of that stuff down and explains it well.
All this got me thinking about why people don’t just make videos sitting at their desks in front of a camera exclusively and that’s where the whole thing came together. It’s boring. I’ve been making videos well suited for radio or podcasts. I’m not good looking enough to just have people look at my face for 10 minutes.
Also, My videos are too long by half, kind of like this ‘newsletter.’ I’ve known for a while that something isn’t working with my videos and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now I can. But can I do anything about it? I struggle to get videos out in the first place, so does upping the production value make any sense? Probably. But I only barely know the language of visual storytelling.
As a musician/songwriting/producer I know a lot of tricks to differentiate and enliven recordings. I don’t do that with video. So make it’s time I started. Maybe.
What do you think?
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5 MORE Editing Mistakes YouTubers Do That I Hate...
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Jason T. Lewis
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