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Monthly updates on Ploomber.

Monthly updates on Ploomber.

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Run hundreds of notebooks in parallel with Ploomber Cloud, for free!

Hi Ploomber Community! 👋We hope to find you well! We have been working on new features and blog content for you, and we have a BIG announcement! So let’s dive into it! Here’s what happened last month:💻 Product updatesWe introduced Ploomber Cloud Notebooks! Th…


Ploomber and Soopervisor just got better! ☁️ See you in NYC? 🗽

Hi Ploomber Community! 👋We hope to find you well! We came back from presenting at PyData Miami 🏝 a few weeks ago!We have been working on new features and blog content for you! So let’s dive into it! 💻 Product updatesWe released Ploomber 0.21.1, which improves…


Notebooks Academy 🎓📙, and new open-source project!

Hi Ploomber Community!Last week, we announced Notebooks Academy, a free online course to learn how to write clean, production-ready code from Jupyter. You'll get the updates in the upcoming newsletter, but ensure you join our Slack and our socials (Twitter an…


Launch month! 🚀 Ploomber Cloud launch, a new open-source project and a new Ploomber release!

Hi, Ploomber community! I hope you're all enjoying summertime! June was a month full of releases and new content, so let's dive into it!Remember that you can book time with us if you have questions or want to share your feedback. Talking to our community is o…


Ploomber Cloud GPU support! (get FREE credits!)

Hi, Ploomber community!Here are the updates from May:🚨 What's new?We added GPU support to Ploomber Cloud! We're beta testing, so if you want some GPU credits, please send me a message at!Ploomber now uses D3 to generate the pipeline plot; …


Learn how Evidation dropped development time by 40% with Ploomber! 🤯

Hi, Ploomber community!We're writing this from PyCon in Salt Lake City! 🐍 We're having a blast over here and had a chance to meet some of our community members.🚨 What's new?Evidation Health published a guest blog post explaining how Ploomber allowed them to d…


Ploomber at PyCon and SciPy! 🐍

Hi! We're happy to announce that the Ploomber team will attend PyCon 2022 in Salt Lake City next month as part of the Startup Row program. So if you're there, please stop by our booth and say hi! We'll also be running an in-person tutorial at SciPy 2022 in Au…


Improved monitoring & cloud execution? Yes please!

Dear community, we’re happy to say February was another eventful month for Ploomber and we wanted to share the highlights with you!🚨NewsWe plan to release our Ploomber Cloud any time now, with pipeline monitoring, alerting, and a cloud execution Sign up here!…


Ploomber joins Y Combinator!

We're proud to announce that we've joined Y Combinator! Help us spread the word by liking/sharing our Twitter and LinkedIn posts! 🎉We're committed to the future and success of Ploomber, and this funding will allow us to work full-time on the project. Read mor…


Use Ploomber with your favorite text editor or IDE! 🎉

Hello, community! We hope you're having a great holiday season! Here's the December summary:🚨 What's new?Per community request, we improved support for editors such as VSCode and PyCharm! Check out the user guide to learn more!Many members of our community us…


Convert notebooks into pipelines with a single command! 🤯 - Issue #2

🚨 What's new?We added a new tool to the Ploomber ecosystem! Soorgeon is a command-line tool that can convert legacy notebooks into maintainable pipelines with a single command. 🤯 Check out the 3-minute demo. Soorgeon is in alpha, so please share your feedback…


Hacktoberfest, PyData Global, ODSC, and other October updates! 🎃

New landing page!More recipes in the cookbook: hooks, serialization, debugging, logging, and parametrization.General improvements to the documentation organization.Ploomber analyzes your scripts and notebooks before execution to detect potential issues.Log to…