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Improved monitoring & cloud execution? Yes please!



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Ploomber Development Team
Ploomber Development Team
Dear community, we’re happy to say February was another eventful month for Ploomber and we wanted to share the highlights with you!
  • We plan to release our Ploomber Cloud any time now, with pipeline monitoring, alerting, and a cloud execution Sign up here! (limited spots)
  • We simplified the experience for new users and improved documentation, if you see any issue please report it!
  • As always we look forward to hearing feedback, please set time with us to go over anything we’re doing well/wrong.
💻Product updates
  • We’ve improved the installation process and cut the stack traces by half (easier debugging) For more details, check out the changelog: Ploomber.
  • Our integration with Kubeflow/Argo got way better, there was a docker image bug that was fixed. See the tutorial here.
  • Soorgeon (our automated refactoring tool) now supports magics.
  • For more details, check out the changelogs:Soopervisor, and Soorgeon.
📢 Media and events
If you haven’t done so, please join our Slack community, where we can answer your questions and get your feedback. If you want to keep up-to-date, you can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
See you next month!
– Ido & Eduardo
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Ploomber Development Team
Ploomber Development Team @ploomber

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