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UX Writing Summarized

August 19 · Issue #17 · View online

Every busy UX writer can save time reading this.

I’m back again after 8 summer weeks off with my family (Evelina, Ilse, and Elis). We’ve enjoyed refreshing swims in the waves at Sandhammaren at the south-eastern tip of Sweden, Californian red wine and BBQ in the evening sun, and countless scoops of ice-cream from Lejonet & Björnen (like Ben & Jerry’s if they were a lion and a bear). 😋
It’s been joyful, exhausting, and around the clock. In the car, we’ve listened to children’s songs about pineapples (“ananas ananas ananas”) and pink helicopters. 😩
And we’ve packed and moved to our new house at Kållandsö, an island that juts into Vänern, the biggest lake in Western Europe. We like it very much already: the kids’ school is across the street, and pizza with local caviar topping is just 5 minutes away. 😎
This issue will be a little different. You’ll still read good stuff summarized, but not in the usual way. Here we go! 🏄🏼‍♂️ 

Let’s start looking forward. This autumn, I will “attend” 3 all-digital conferences on UX writing and copywriting. The big one will be Button, the product content conference between October 21st and October 23rd. The speaker lineup is ridiculous: Andrew Schmidt from Slack, Angela Gorden from Work & Co, and Ben Barone-Nugent from Netflix, to name a few. I’m pumped! 
The other two, also in October, are UX Writer Conference (again, the first one was in June) and the Copywriting Conference on the 9th of October, where Relly Annett-Baker is going to talk about microcopy, Robyn Collinge from Wetransfer will speak about the power of simplicity, and Sandra Wu from Blinkist will chat about testing copy. What’s not to like? 🤷‍♂️
A quick look back: during the summer, I took part in the UX Writer Conference (the June edition), UX Salon Words, and UXR Conf Anywhere. The latter focuses on UX research, which is probably the most crucial design phase. 👈✌️
Now, I want you to listen to me (but only if you want to, and have 38 minutes to spare/invest). During the summer, I was honored to be the guest of Yuval Ketscher’s podcast Writers in Tech. When he asked me to join, I was pretty terrified, since my English is … not perfect 🤦‍♂️. But hey, “if you’re afraid to do it, do it anyway,” so I did. 🤦‍♂️
In this 38-minute talk, I let you know:
  • How I entered the world of UX design
  • Why hiring a freelance UX writer is the **** thing ever
  • My 4-step writing process (and the 5th step coming up 🤔)
  • An excellent plugin for anyone writing microcopy in Figma
  • Which funny book I recommend to everyone who’s into UX
You might have heard of the podcast Writers in Tech. You’ve probably heard of the Writers of Silicon Valley podcast too. These are the big ones covering UX writing. But people tend to miss out on the Elless Media (Larry Swanson) podcast Content Strategy Insights, which I find worth mentioning. You have around 80 episodes to binge-listen. Start with the ones with Laurah Mwirichia, Scott Cubie, and Elly Searle. 
Bonus: check out the podcast Content Rookie, brought to you by Nicole Michaelis, UX writer at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden.
Are you hungry for inspiration, tricks, and ways-to-works from the design teams at Slack, Spotify, and Airbnb? Look no further. 🍹
I’m flabbergasted (what a word!) how generously people at these companies share what they know and what they have done with the rest of the world. I take my hat off. Have a look:
Do you like THIS newsletter (I guess you do since you’re still with me) and want to find more good ones covering UX writing? Well, check out the ones from Susan Reoch, Nadja Bozovic (Content Puzzle), Laura Luck, and Marie-Pier Rochon. Also: remember to get the UX Writing Events newsletter, which covers upcoming (you guessed it) UX writing events. 
Want more? Here’s more: 
Have you tried Ditto? I haven’t (not yet). But it seems to be the Jesus Christ Superstar for all of us UX writers. The creators Jessica Ouyang and Jolena Ma were interviewed by Patrick Stafford in the podcast Writers of Silicon Valley the other day. Do listen. Do try out Ditto (I will)
And more:
A new step 1 class of UX-writing på svenska (UX writing in Swedish) kicks off on September 10th. I’m beyond eager to teach Sophia, Johanna, Per, Victor, Karin, Johan x 2, Johannes, Anders, and Amanda everything I know about talking to/listening to customers, creating a voice and tone guide, and writing microcopy in Figma. ✌️
There are still one or two spots left. Do you want to go? Hurry, because Friday (August 21st) is deadline day!
And as you know: after step 1 comes step 2. Starting on October 20, I’ve put together an expert team from Pineberry (masters of SEO), Conversionista (the Yodas of conversion optimization and A/B testing), and Johan Lindqvist, UX Design Lead at PostNord (Johan is Figma-skilled in a way few are).
The exclusive step 2 program is divided into four blocks, covering:
  1. How to choose the right words
  2. How to handle them like a pro in Figma
  3. How to measure and prove their power with a proper A/B test
You can join step 2 without doing step 1, but step-1-ers have dibs (alltså första tjing). The doors open on August 24 and close on September 24.  
That’s it. ✌️
Thanks a lot for reading all the way here. 🙏🏻
Now, go back and click the links of your choice! ☝️
The next issue will be out on September 15, 2020.
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