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UX Writing Summarized

February 18 · Issue #19 · View online

Every busy UX writer can save time reading this.

Long time, no sea, said the unemployed fisherman. 
I hope you are well.
This issue is even shorter than usual*. 
Why? Because I’ve only got one thing to tell you:

Join the free webinar on UX writing!
Next week, on Thursday the 25th of February, you are welcome to join a free webinar on “Skriv bättre UX-writing” (that’s Swedish for Write better UX). It’s at 13:15 Stockholm Time, and lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, including some FAQs at the end. 
You’ll learn:
 ✔️The difference between copywriting and UX writing
✔️What if changing a word could be worth 3 billion USD
✔️Why knowledge of the customer is key for every UX writer
This webinar is 100 percent free, no strings attached. 🎸
But not only that … the day after the webinar you’ll get an email from me. Inside the email, you’ll find 1000 Swedish Kronor (=120 USD) for you to spend on attending the upcoming educational 10-week program UX Writing in Swedish. The money is only valid until March 15. 🔥
The webinar will be in Swedish. Over 180 wise people have signed up already so make sure to sign up before Sunday, if you speak Swedish. 🏃‍♀️
Over 180 wise people have signed up already.
Over 180 wise people have signed up already.
🌎 You don’t speak Swedish? Not a problem.
I’ll release the webinar with English subtitles, and add a transcript in English as well. Do you want to get that? Send an e-mail to (subject line: Webinar in English) before Sunday, which is February 21.
That’s all. Thank you for reading. 👏👏
* The next issue, coming out on March 2, will be a bit longer. As always, I will give you the juicy stuff from 3 new articles on UX writing. 
If you can’t wait, I don’t blame you. Until then, here are the 3 most popular issues you can read right now:
Wait a minute! Who are you?
I’m Mattias, a UX writer and copywriter on an island on Lake Vänern in Sweden. I enjoy walking in the snowy woods, the other day I saw 5 elks at the same time, and my copywriting guru right now is Dan Lok. Take care! ❤️
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