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March 11 · Issue #21 · View online

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You’ll find The Offer of the Year, if you speak Swedish, at the end of this letter. Be sure to consider it.
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How to set up a writing practice for your design team | by Becky Hirsch | Mar, 2021 | UX Collective
Here’s the thing
Got writers? No? It’s OK. If your team doesn’t have the money or time to find a writer, then doing it yourself is better than not doing it at all. You can write, so write. Becky Hirsch, UX writer at Spotify in New York, shows the way for all do-it-without-writers out there. 
The key take-aways
  • Define the brand. Ask founders: “How do you want people to feel when they interact with your product?” Then ask founders: "How DO you feel when you interact with the product?” Then move on to …
  • Set the voice of tone. Remember, this is not rocket science. If in doubt, pick “kind, simple and energetic”. 
  • Put it into action. Write some microcopy. To start with, write an error message and a celebratory message. These 2 examples show how we speak to people during the worst possible interaction and during the best possible interaction. 👍👎
The quote
“Even if, like most people, you want to leave writing until the end, please don’t!” 👏👏
Where UX writing and content strategy meet | by Carolina Rayo | Feb, 2021 | UX Collective
Here’s the thing
UX writers and content strategists are not the same. UX writing focuses on the words, while content strategy focuses on the broad plan for messaging (definition by Andrea Drugay). I guess it’s fair to say that UX writing is the Earth, while content strategy is the solar system. However, there are 3 skills that both roles need to have. Carolina Rayo, Senior UX Writer AND Content Strategist (!) at LATAM Airlines, explains the similarities.
The key take-aways
  • Both need to see the big picture, but in different ways. The UX writer must know the product and what’s connected to it to make the chosen words go together. The content strategist must have a cross-product perspective and ensure that every team follows guidelines for features and flows.
  • Both need to put the user first, but in different ways. The UX writer must be good at negotiating within the team. The content strategist must get along with every team, and act “as a bridge between areas”. 
The gif:
10 UX writing tips for stronger to-do lists | by Alana Fialkoff | PatternFly | Feb, 2021 | Medium
Here’s the thing
Do you write to-do lists? Now, UX writing skills can make you write better ones. Alana Fialkoff, UX Writer at Red Hat, tells you how.
Key to-do tips
👉 Start with the verb. Lead with the action. Underline each verb or write it in ALL CAPS.
👉 Distill each point to one full line or less.
👉 Break it down into steps, and fill the process bar with pen and paper:
Do this first
Then, do this 🕺
The quote
Most of us write our To-Do lists as a quick way to get organized. That note-jotting phase is paramount to creating a list, but only pays off if we … well, actually use it.
My favorite app right now …
… is Perlego. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of non-fiction books. Because with non-fiction books, you don’t have to read everything in them. Just grasp what the book is all about, find 3 key take-aways, list 1 thing to do immediately, and then close the book and pick up the next one.
2 new things for me this week:
1️⃣ The Double Diamond is a design model with two steps: 1) Discover and define the problem, 2) Develop and deliver the solution to that problem. Find, do! Thanks to Lidija Murselovic.
2️⃣ Netflix uses Shakespeare for copy testing. The tool is built by their Internationalization team. It’s said to be easy, but it seems a bit tricky with all the strings, integrations, and user test-cell lookup. Do you get it?
This, however, is one of many things they’ve changed for the better:
Here's The Offer of the Year
I teach and coach a chosen few to do UX research, craft a voice and tone guide, and write microcopy in Figma (so much fun!). 
Now is the time to join the educational program UX Writing in Swedish (UX-writing på svenska), starting on April 15.
This class will be THE ONLY ONE during 2021.
Are there any spots left? Yes, 4!
About me
I’m Mattias, the Swedish UX writer. 🇸🇪
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