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🛑 Do not read (if you know all about Figma)


UX Writing Summarized

October 6 · Issue #18 · View online

Every busy UX writer can save time reading this.

Hi there, 👋👋
As a kid, summer was my favorite season (10 weeks of freedom!). Now, as not-much-of-a-kid-anymore, I enjoy the trees turning yellow, red and brown. I kick through the leaves and let the chilly breeze roll in. Bring it on, autumn. 🍁
You may like autumn, or you may not. But to enjoy what comes next, you need to use, like or be curious about Figma.
I’ve dedicated this issue to the smoothest UX design tool out there. Figma is kicking the competitors’ … rears right now. Companies like Intercom, Zomato, Spotify and Dropbox have all switched to Figma within the last year or so.

I’ve done several projects in Figma 👆, where I’ve had the chance to work with designers, clients and project managers. Over the past two years, I’ve used it as the ONE tool to educate people on how to write microcopy with absolute ease. I’ve let close to 100 people try it. And I would say it’s self-explanatory; people just hop on and ride that bike. 👏👏
I feel for Figma the way you feel for someone who you are head over heels in love with – she has no flaws, she’s just perfect. And a lot of design people seem to feel the same way. It’s easy to get, straightforward to design with, and then it’s a piece of cake to hand over to the developers. 💕
3 things make Figma everyone’s new BFF:
  • It lets you work as a team (all together in one shared document)
  • It’s browser-based and lives in the cloud 🌤
  • It’s free (at least when you have fewer than 4 projects and 3 editors)
Go ahead and try Figma. Download some free UI kits. Install the plugin HTML to Figma to import any live web page and edit everything in it. Let Jesse Showalter help you get started in 16 minutes. And … 
Join "Figma for writers" on October 20 (online, in Swedish)
If you want to move from alright to Alriiiight! in Figma, this is for you. 🇸🇪
Together with Johan Lindqvist, I present an online educational talk combined with a hands-on workshop with quick exercises. Johan is the UX Design Lead at PostNord (the postal service in the Nordics). 
Over 4 juicy hours, you’ll get detailed tips, know the best tools and learn how to design to make yours and others’ work much more accessible. This “talk and workshop” is both for Figma beginners and for more advanced writers who want to work with designers and developers. 😲
You’ll learn:
  • The basics of Figma – how to handle frames, components and constraints (like a designer )
  • To work on your own – import pages and present your word choices to your client or colleagues 
  • To work in a team – understand UI libraries and indicate status (when you collaborate with designers and developers)
  • 5 plugins and tools that take Figma to the next level 🚀
  • Why a design system is just golden (ask the team at PostNord)
The talk is on Tuesday, October 20 from 1 pm until 5 pm (Europe/Stockholm Time)
Yes, this lecture will be in Swedish, BUT … listen: Johan will be happy (super-happy to be precise) to do the same talk+workshop in English. So if you want to join a “Figma for writers” in English, email me right away at The price is 499 USD. 
PS. This week is conference week indeed. Today and tomorrow are all about UX Writer Conference, while Friday is The Copywriting Conference. And in just two weeks, you have the chance to join Button – the product content conference, with plenty of best-in-class speakers. Be sure to be there! ◼
The next issue will be out soon.
Can’t wait? You can always read all issues of UX Writing Summarized.
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