UX Writing Summarized

By Mattias Åkerberg

Every busy UX writer can save time reading this.

Every busy UX writer can save time reading this.

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Got UX writing skills? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sorry. I'm Mattias (to the left in the picture), the UX writer from Sweden. I'm 39, a father of two, and a newbie puppy owner. 🐶I've been sending out newsletters like this since 2018. What I do is this: for you, I summarize read-worthy articles, podcasts, and…


🔥New UX Writing Knowledge + Offer of the Year

Here's the thingGot writers? No? It's OK. If your team doesn't have the money or time to find a writer, then doing it yourself is better than not doing it at all. You can write, so write. Becky Hirsch, UX writer at Spotify in New York, shows the way for all d…


Who are you?

👉 Yes, I wanna read "Who is Mattias?" 👈


Want this for free?

Next week, on Thursday the 25th of February, you are welcome to join a free webinar on “Skriv bättre UX-writing” (that’s Swedish for Write better UX). It’s at 13:15 Stockholm Time, and lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, including some FAQs at the end. You’ll le…


🛑 Do not read (if you know all about Figma)

I've done several projects in Figma 👆, where I've had the chance to work with designers, clients and project managers. Over the past two years, I've used it as the ONE tool to educate people on how to write microcopy with absolute ease. I've let close to 100 …


👉 You don’t want to miss this (if you’re into UX writing)

Let's start looking forward. This autumn, I will "attend" 3 all-digital conferences on UX writing and copywriting. The big one will be Button, the product content conference between October 21st and October 23rd. The speaker lineup is ridiculous: Andrew Schmi…


🍎 🍊 🥝 The juice from UX Writer Conference 2020: name-drop, user-speak and smorgasbord / UX Writing Summarized #16/2020

Here’s the thing:Do you use Dropbox? Ever thought “No, no, no … where’s all my files? Can I go back to how things were yesterday?” Dropbox decided to make that possible. But what would the name of that feature be? 🤔 The team of writers and designers needed a …


🐵 It’s not about you, but listen … / UX Writing Summarized #15/2020

Here’s the thing:Really, it’s as simple as ABC. Copywriters should “always be converting”, while UX writers must ‘”always be clear” (and concise). We write to keep users, never to push them away. But why and how can a UX writer have a seat at the design table…


How to write for Justin Bieber / UX Writing Summarized #14/2020

First, just to make sure we’re all on the same page: A chatbot is software that can have one-on-one conversations with people in a pretty natural way. The chatbot can help and guide visitors on websites or online shops. ↘️↖️➡️Dialogflow, Manychat, Chatfuel an…


😡 ABC, next step and soooo much frustration 🎂 / UX Writing Summarized #13/2019

Here’s the thing:Empty state is the message you meet in apps and on websites when you haven’t added any favorites or products yet. It might be the first impression people get, and since people tend to leave most app parties early, it’s just sad that these mes…


🔥NEW! Master UX writing like a Swede + 3 things my son taught me

After 4 sold-out educational talks for 500 people, I’m delighted to present the next stage: 🥁🥁🥁“UX-writing på svenska 2020” (UX Writing in Swedish 2020) is the first online education program in Swedish. It’s a 6-week program for the chosen few who want fuel f…


🎤 Testing testing, boring boring, and less is bad 🙅🏽‍♂️ / UX Writing Summarized #11/2019

Here’s the thing:How can UX writers measure how effective their words are? Answer: invite representative participants and do cloze testing, highlighter testing or a comprehension survey. Annie Adams, UX writer at Uber, takes you through a jungle of testing me…


👉 Useless design, lean UX writing and Frankenstein-like products 😂

A good UX writer is a good persuader, says Anh Thu Nguyen. And when you want people to change their behavior, you better understand the 3 factors that allow them to do that. These are motivation, ability and trigger/prompt. See, you’ve just meet the Fogg Beha…


✌️ 3, 2, 1 … Stockholm tickets + UX writing inspiration! 💥

This is part 1 (Tickets are out!)Stockholmers! Last week, I released the first tickets to my upcoming UX writing talks. The tickets in Gothenburg sold out in a few days, so I've just released a few more tickets. UX lead Anton Sten calls it “the Number 1 no-br…


🚀 Early ticket release! Plus some boring, strategic yet kick-ass stuff / UX Writing Summarized #8/2019

Here's the thing:UX writing is writing with restrictions. Does it make it boring? Yes – and no. Steve Howe, UX writer at Typeform in Barcelona, says you should aim for your words to be straightforward and clear. But know when to sprinkle on the fun flakes too…


🔆3 un-hard ways to save 2 hours 💸

Here's the thing:Quite often, designers need to write. Why? Because words are a crucial (and powerful) part of the design process. How? Well, that’s trickier. 🤔 That’s why Scott Kubie has put together this 65-odd-pages short e-book on how to write interface c…


🤶What most startups lack, the Christmas mistake, and word efficiency ㊙️

This issue deals with things like:✌️Why tech startups should hire a UX writer (right now)✌️Why UI texts should be written early in the process✌️Why localisation beats translation at Booking. com


🙃The misunderstood microcopywriter, great value and pair writing 👫 / UX Writing Summarized #5/2019

After reading this issue, you will know:🤔 The BIG difference between UX writing and microcopy 🤔 How to make your teammates value UX writing (more) 🤔 Why your best writing buddy is not a writer And make sure you consider if Nordic.design in Stockholm is the pe…


🧠Boring brain, las contraseñas and Grandma’s words 👵🏽 / UX Writing Summarized #4/2019

Here's the thing:Whatever decision people end up making, the brain is where the action happens. To better understand which word to choose, become best friends with your brain and others’ brains. From the almost 800-page book Behave, Swedish designer and UX wr…


🥁 Copy docs, drumbeats and the key to success 🤔/ UX Writing Summarized #3/2019

Here's the thing:The voice of your digital product is what will differentiate it from other brands. That’s why UX writers are becoming even more integrated with design teams. And the job title isn’t going away, since the future world runs on copy: virtual ass…