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Calling all airsofters — The Armoury, Issue #1

Welcome! The Armoury is intended to be a regular delivery of curated content from the airsoft community, as well as a short and sweet dose of news from the frontier: guns, gear, the lot.
We’re hoping to give you a bunch of meaningful things to watch, read and feast your eyes on, maybe even learning something new. This newsletter is heavily-curated. There’s no click-bait. It’s all stuff we enjoyed ourselves and though it’s cool to show to others.
We also plan on showcasing quality content from our UK community, so if you do something cool, we wanna know about it!
If you’re down for that, sign up and Charlie-Mike!
—Matt (editor-in-chief)
Don’t know what’s open or where to play? Head over to PlayAirsoft, where you can find up-to-date info on airsoft sites across the UK.

From the community
3D Printing For Airsoft — Anvil Airsoft TV
What is the maximum range of a stock airsoft gun?
Are Airsoft Events Good Training?
Guns / Gear
PTS EPM-G magazine for G36 AEG
Specna Arms Hitting The Pistol Market
Every month we’re going to spotlight one special thing that we think you absolutely can’t miss; a piece of gear, a weapon, a shop, a location, a video.
Halo Mill: Proving Grounds
One last thing...
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The Armoury is your gateway to the best of what's happening in the airsoft community: videos, articles, reviews, and news; curated for your enjoyment.

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