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First Edition of the Platform Economy Newsletter | How platforms could add to the improvement of work | Using a SaaS platform to improve the organization of the flexible layer | Risk management through a mobility cooperative in health care

Good morning! Much is being said about the development of the platform economy, but oftentimes withou

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October 31 · Issue #1 · View online
The platform economy gets so much media attention, but what is really going on? In this bi-weekly newsletter, I’ll select the 5 best or most disputable articles and serve them well-seasoned with my opinions and insights.

Good morning! Much is being said about the development of the platform economy, but oftentimes without any real context. Therefore, I started issuing a weekly Dutch newsletter about 4 years and 178 editions ago, providing insights on the development of the platform economy. Every week I’ll be selecting a few articles on the platform economy and share my interpretation and comments. Starting from today, I will also begin publishing a bi-weekly English edition in order to reach my non-Dutch audience. As I consider this newsletter to be of possible interest to you, I have taken the freedom to put you on the mailing list. Please feel free to unsubscribe any time. And feel free to invite others to join.
This first edition will, more or less, be a long read based on 4 Dutch articles. I will present an insight into the way platforms function and how they, besides functioning as stand alone entity, play a role in the organization of work in the ‘future’. Have a great day!

Gig-work is becoming the standard. But when does technology catch up? – ZiPconomy
Case study: Elanza
Mobility cooperatives in health care: A survey of various forms of cooperation within the region
Agency workers don’t benefit from a tight labor market, freelancers do– ING – Economy knowledge
How portability of reputation data could lead to a more inclusive labor market
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