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PJM - September '22

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
The greatest time of the YEAR!
I hope you’re enjoying your pumpkin soups, new iPhones, and PSL’s 🍜📲☕️
On the other hand - the war in Ukraine is escalating, markets are on the verge of collapse, inflation is on the rise, but most importantly…
My feet are cold for the first time in 2.5 years 🙁 …how do humans live like this!? Now I understand why Putin’s so angry all the time.
Anywho let’s catch up…

SwellPirate on Supabase
I’ve begun moving SwellPirate’s database from Firebase over to Supabase. Firebase started to cost some 💰 and I want to get more familiar with Supabase and PostgreSQL for all my other projects.
New Project in 1 Month
During COVID I planned to make 1 project a month for 6 months. I finished 2.5 projects (which wasn’t a complete failure), but I stopped after those projects because I got a job making decent money and lost motivation.
Now, after 8 months on the job - I’m bored.
The pace, project, and company don’t fulfill my passions, so I think it’s time I put my passion back into my own projects.
I’ve been brewing over my open list of ideas for my next project and have found a market I’d love to test. Due out…Nov :)
I’ll be posting on Twitter if you’d like to follow along.
I was so lucky to spend all of COVID in Bali, but fuuuuck I hate that it kept me away from NJ during Sept-Oct! Honestly - I missed Costa Rica, the Maldives, and South Africa, but the northeast in fall is the absolute best!
The weather, the food, the beach, the waves, the changing colors, fall foliage…everything is just beautiful 😊
Brought to you by SafetyWing…
The best travel medical insurance to use as a digital nomad.
I use SafetyWing specifically because…
  • I can start and cancel a plan at will
  • It covers sports (surfing in particular ;)
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Kelly Roofing
@TeslaSolar roof stood up to #HurricaneIan with 155mph winds and a 10’ storm surge! This Powerwall was underwater for hours and is still working perfectly.

@elonmusk @Tesla #powerwall #solarroof
I don’t want to earn my living. I want to live. -Oscar Wilde
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Phil Manning
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