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PJM - September '21

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
Goooood Morning Hobos!
September is my favorite month of the year - usually because it’s NJ local summer with chill weather, hurricane swells, and fall foliage - but in COVID year 2…I’m sitting tight in Bali.
I’ve got a few exciting updates to share from this past month including launching a new side project! (details below)

So this was a looong time coming -
I’ve been working on & off on a project that is dear to my heart - Glassy.
It’s a platform to give transparency into organizations and create trust.
Companies can create a dashboard to show customers, employees, stakeholders and others their Financials, Analytics, Salaries, Roadmap, Environmental impact and much, much more. Each category is 100% optional of course and there’s a lot more in store for updates. But I’m so, so excited to finally get this thing out!
I built it because I was tired of companies spewing the same BS on how well they treat their employees, diversity in the workplace, or how they’re looking after the environment. Don’t spend millions on a commercial to tell me what you want me to hear - just give me the option to look into your company! I think there’s more power, efficiency, and meaning in this type of “marketing”.
If you have a company that you want to sign up to Glassy I’m giving the first 10 companies a Lifetime deal for a one-time payment of $150… the monthly price will likely end up around $15-30/month, but I want to give a special thank you to the early supporters.
You can check it out at
Glassy | Make Your Company More Transparent
Personal Site
While new projects are the bomb - realistically most don’t end so well. Some obviously don’t work and others die a slow death. In either case, it’s good to remember and learn from each project. I created a list of these projects that I’ve “retired” into a Project Graveyard on my personal site.
Yep - I’m still in Bali and life is gooood, but I’ll be heading back to NJ in November for the first time in 2 years 😱.
In over 10 years of living abroad - it’s the longest time I’ve been away without going back home for a visit.
As good as video calls are - they can’t beat some good ol’ family time, joints around a fire, and bumping into high school friends at the bar ;)
Doesn’t mean I’m slowing down for October, rather I’m super focused on what I want to get done. Catching some good tailwinds!
Bali is still closed but you can still help support the GoFundMe I started to help the locals of Keramas.
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Love yourself. But also analyze and be critical of how you think, act & behave. Self love without self awareness is useless. Be accountable.
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