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PJM - October '21

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
Happy November -
Hope your Techtober/Oktoberfest/Pumpkin-Spiced-Latte-Month…or whatever was a good one!
I had a couple of super productive weeks, and spent the last few weeks exploring Bali before it fully reopens and I come back to Aussies downing Binnies at every corner ;)
Welp, it was good while it lasted ;) Now let’s get to the latest updates…

Wavetrotter is now... SwellPirate
I started Wavetrotter about 7-8 years ago - mainly to scratch my own itch of trying to find the best places in the world to surf. It never made enough money as a job replacement, but it was well worth updating while I lived the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle (that was prior to everyone but McDonald’s employees becoming remote workers). The site was named after my first home outside the US - a small hostel in Costa Rica. It’s been a few slow years and the design has changed a bit, so I thought it was time for a rebrand… enter SwellPirate. Same data, same idea, more pirate.
Nana's Recipes
It had been a couple years since I made an iOS app and iOS 15 introduced some cool new features including concurrency with async/await. I decided it was time to brush up on some SwiftUI and limited myself to 1 week…
The goal: remake my grandma’s recipe app (originally built with Flutter) native to iOS with SwiftUI.
I think the app turned out great and gave me confidence to quickly jump back into the iOS game at any time. I also integrated a new app, Rowy, to my Google Cloud database to make it easier for my mom / anyone else I give access - to upload recipes in a spreadsheet like table.
I began creating a new mini-guide to rid yourself of everything Facebook. …was hoping to finish it this month but the mountains of Bali caught me ;)
Stay tuned in November…
Wedding season in Bali
Wedding season in Bali
My last full month in Bali until the new year :(
I haven’t lived in one place for 2 years straight for nearly a decade. Definitely got some weird vibes leaving as it’s really become home at this point.
Looking forward to some family & hometown friends time though.
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Farmer Born in 1842 Talks About Life and Change (1929)
Farmer Born in 1842 Talks About Life and Change (1929)
“Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable” —Albert Camus
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