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PJM - June '22

Phil Manning
Phil Manning
Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 💪
Hope you woke up, cracked a Bud, went to see TopGun in the theater, and then pumped Springsteen all day at your backyard BBQ whilst throwing a 🖕 in the air to that punk-ass-bitch Putin.
🤣 If you’re not American, sorry - it’s the one day I relinquish my calm, quiet, international-citizen status and bleed red, white, and blue ;)
Anywho… got that outta my system 😆… sooo how was June!?

Brought to you by SafetyWing…
The best travel medical insurance to use as a digital nomad.
I use SafetyWing specifically because…
  • I can start and cancel a plan at will
  • It covers sports (surfing in particular ;)
  • It’s $42/month for complete peace of mind
I’ve been working on updating 2 of my projects to Nuxt 3…
When I first started, I came into some errors with Firebase. It’s been tricky because the documentation isn’t finished on Nuxt 3, so there are many hours spent trying to figure out how to do routine things (ie Authentication). Because everything wasn’t working with a Firebase module out of the box, I moved over to working on…
Since Glassy’s entire premise is transparency - I thought it better to move off of Google’s Firebase and move over to the open source alternative - Supabase. Firebase definitely has more features, is more simple (document database), and has excellent documentation, but it’s been fun working with Supabase’s open source community. Also, the Nuxt team built a 1st-class module for Supabase so this was a bit more ready to migrate. Should be done end of July!
Ayung River
Ayung River
I’m back home in Keramas and exploring what’s left that I haven’t seen/done in Bali. I have to leave either end of July or beginning of August so that ‘ToDo’ list is getting checked off. One of the highlights was whitewater rafting in Ubud with friends from around the world.
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Senior Oops Engineer
github copilot is incredible. it just sells code other people wrote, but because it's an "AI" it is apparently allowed to launder that code without it being a "derivative work". lol. lmao. what an amazing grift.
Prof. Feynman
"When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent."

-- Isaac Asimov
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